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larry franklin larry franklin
Garden Coop
my first successful vertical garden last summer after cordoning off with chicken wire. So why not extend and have easier access,for me at least. No more ground hogs, squirrels...harvesting before me.
Barry Dunn Barry Dunn
Good solid built product. Frame goes up fast but the door build and putting the wire on can be lengthy. Still a good product and does the job.
Marvin Caballero Zelaya Marvin Caballero Zelaya
Great value! Easy to assemble.
Easy to assemble the frame. Rolling the wire on can be done alone, but it is easier with two people. The binding wire used on all the overlaps is a pain to work with, but take your time and do it right. It will need anchors for the frame to keep it from lifting up easily. The tarp is easy to secured and provides great shade and keeps the ground dry during afternoon showers. We mounted our coop to the side wall. We used 1/4inch staples all around the opening before cutting out hole for the door. Our ladies immediately gave it their seal of approval.
Ed Ed
Fast arrival
Order on Jan 2, 2020 received Jan 5, 2020 when order stated Jan 8-10 delivery.
Joe Tenney Joe Tenney
Great Coop
This is a pretty good enclosure. It could be a foot higher on each side. I have a wood coop inside and it was almost too high for the enclosure. Didn't like the hinges or the tie straps. The hinges were very hard to tighten and when tightened them the bar crushed. I took straps of rubber and wrapped the area where the hinges would go and it made it a lot easier. The tie straps are just too light duty and break when you tighten them. I went to the auto parts store and bought green 80 lb. tie straps and they worked great and matched the chicken wire. I read reviews where users stated that the wire was plastic. It is not. It is standard chicken wire coated with green plastic and looks great. The tarp supplied is awful. It covers about a 3rd of the enclosure and water leaks through it. I ordered a 14X14 foot white tarp for Amazon and it works great and lets light in. All in all I was happy with the enclosure.
geehh geehh
Easy set up but have something like a dolly or cart to move the boxes to where you want to set up.
Dislike: One of the three boxes was VERY bulky/heavy, so plan accordingly and have something to move your box readily available. Otherwise, that was it. We highly recommend this Coop.
Kenneth Schuck Kenneth Schuck
Easy, solid, chicken run!
This chicken run was super easy for two people (hubby and I) to put together. I did have hog ring pliers which made connecting the chicken wire together much easier and a more solid set up. I added two feet of hardwire over the chicken wire at the bottom to prevent predators from chewing through and a two foot skirt of hardwire to keep animals from digging under. I love my chickens and want to keep them happy and safe!
Mary Jane Mary Jane
Great product, easy set up and great price
Thank you so much. The seller response was excellent. Product came as is described and set up was easy.
Hokie1971 Hokie1971
We really like this.
Pros: This was easy to assemble. I managed to do it all by myself

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