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Brian Maritza Brian Maritza
Easy to put together.
Found this unit easy to build and quality of the product is good. As one review stated we did get one box on Monday and the other two the next day, so just wait a day or so for boxes B and C. We have roaming weasels here at times so I'll be installing hardware cloth on bottom of this pen and up the side for 4 Ft.
cford58 cford58
Great fit in yard
Would order again
RioGrandeSam RioGrandeSam
Great Low Cost Option for a Chicken Coop / Pen
I was pretty confident ahead of my purchase because of the solid reviews on this item. The frame is a simple snap together process. Everything fit nicely. I put the frame together by myself in about an hour and the door and latch mechanism took me another 40 minutes. The galvanized netting takes a bit and will need 2 people for the installation . Its just too bulky and clumsy for 1 person to roll it over the top and stretch it correctly. The packaging includes a box end wrench for the 2 sizes of nuts on the hardware bolts for the door & hinges. The only other tool I used was a rubber mallet to tap on the final couple of frame tubes as the nearly completed structure got tighter. It
Jacob wardrip Jacob wardrip
Really easy to put together
We bought this for a second time because of the ease of assembly. We use these for shelter for our two steers and our goat/sheep flock, and we simply use large tarps to cover. They are lightweight, and work great to move from pasture to pasture.
aim aim
Love it
Ok it said it takes 30 mins to setup.. the frame yes but the chicken wire that is a NO way, it took me hours to do.... BUT, I love it very much.. If I every move that one will stay and I will buy another one and pay someone to put it up for me.... anyways, if you are looking for a wonderful chicken cage/run this is the one for you
Darrell Darrell
3 boxes may come in seperate shipments. However, this is HUGE when set up and it's very very nice. I added 2 gates in the middle to section it off into 3 sections for my different breeds. Each section will hold 8 - 12 chickens each very nicely! Comes with everything to assemble. Use the holes in the bottom of the legs to place a stake in and level everything out for ya. Use the green wire to wrap around the pole while weaving it through the chicken wire. I did this on every pole, working from one side to the other so as to tighten up the chicken wire. PERFECT for us! Would seriously be able to park a car or truck inside. Would make a great frame for a large diy shed if you wanted to enclose it.
Jack D Jack D
Bought this to keep my chickens safe from hawks when we weren't able to be outside with them. It was a little pricey but worth it. One of the reviewers stated it was easy to assemble and only took 30 minutes, I would like to meet this guy because he must be a genius or really good at braiding because all the walls need to be woven and braided at the bottoms and sides. Let's just say I hope your patient and enjoy time consuming projects.
Engineer Engineer
Easy set up and very spacious.
This chicken coop arrived before the expected date and was easy to set up. It took less than 6 hours to construct with just one person and there were enough zip ties and chicken wire with some left over. Very well made and secure. I placed T-posts 3 feet into the ground at all corners and middle posts and secured to the coop using hose clamps. To conserve zip ties, wait to zip tie in the areas where the chicken wire overlaps each other, that way you’re not using double the zip ties. Would definitely recommend and purchase again.
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
Perfect size
Chicken coop is perfect, however the UPS shipping was terrible. It was never delivered, I had to go pick it up 40 minutes away and bring it back.
Steven Gorin Steven Gorin
Good, Roomy Run for Chickens
We purchased 8 chicks, and they are growing much faster than expected. We live on the marsh, where there are many predators - raccoons, hawks, bobcats, coyotes, other dogs, and cats. As much as we want to free range, we do not wish to be "winner, winner, chicken dinner" for all of the animal kingdom. Enter the 18' x 10' run. It was a great price, so we ordered it, and it arrived quickly from the seller. We started assembling it, only to discover a key part was missing. I contacted the seller and they dispatched it right away. The seller is amazing and I would do business with them again. It is roomy and perfect for my 7 hens and one rooster. We will be adding a proper coop to the end with no door. Currently, what they are in can easily be placed in the coop to keep them safe at night.

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