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Michael Dobrzyn Michael Dobrzyn
Great value, solid structure, perfect run, highly recommended!!
I am very happy with this run! I put it together myself, start to finish, in about 4.5 hours. I used a tarp for the top rather than the one that came with it and will probably purchase different door hardware. The hardware it comes with just doesn't work smoothly enough for what I would like.
stacie wilson stacie wilson
Easy to Put Up
It was so easy to separate parts and put it together with a snap in place frame. The only thing is the mesh or screen covering wasn't enough to cover entire frame but because I use it for my vegetable garden it'll do.
Gina Beth Basteri Gina Beth Basteri
Great for chicken tractor, but weak "wire"
This was super easy to assemble by myself, however the chicken wire is made of some sort of plastic coated very thin wire. This would never hold anything other than broilers in and we reinforced the bottom with plastic lattice to keep predators out. The latch is also not sturdy enough for any other animals.
Robert Holland Robert Holland
Work great
Assembled was good. It took some time to completely assemble. Other than that worked out perfectly.
louisa Fout louisa Fout
Great chicken run
We are in our 60s and we put it together in a day. Very easy to do.
Linda Bock Linda Bock
Worth the purchase, coming from a farmer...
Though it takes additional zipties then what is supplied, but still worth purchasing.
Angel Angel
Great for what I need it for
Built a chicken coop and then have this fence around it for protection. Fits 30+ chickens perfectly with space for them to still be able to run around.
Kat Kat
It works
It was missing 1 rod which the company sent me a generous partial refund for. Overall, we've added a lot to this to turn it into a Cadillac chicken run but overall it's a Honda Civic. What I appreciate most about this run was the large size and that we were able to attach other things to it to customize and shore it up to our liking and intended usage. Would this work as a basic stationary run for hens? Absolutely! Expect to replace the included netting by the end of the first year. But being able to mount it to wood, add a coop to the back, put it on wheels, add a bunch of stuff so it's now a high quality chicken tractor with attached coop? WELL worth what I paid. I would absolutely recommend this to both beginning amd advanced chicken parents.
Landon Landon
Easy to assemble, very spacious for ethically keeping a small flock in your backyard
Easy to assemble. Remember that chicken wire is effective in keeping fowl IN, not in keeping predators OUT. Advise one to put in 1/4" hardware cloth the lowest 3 feet surrounding. Oh n PLENTY of chicken wire is included. I'd prefer a subtle black for the posts rather than the shiny silver, but overall I really am impressed!
Rufus Rufus
Perfect for my flock
I use this as a run for my 4 chickens due to hawks in our yard. The coop is inside and they have plenty of space to move around. I assembled it alone with no issues. Added free pallets to dog proof it! I used the wire it came with for the sides to cover the gaps in the pallets , but added hardwire cloth to the top and bottom for extra protection from predators.

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