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steve gaddy steve gaddy
Great buy for the money
I read comments complaining about missing parts and difficult assembly. I had none of these problems.
Perfect for a catio!!
At the end of that boardwalk is this lovely coop! Our newest family member is an indoor outdoor cat and we didn’t want to force her to stay inside (busy roads nearby).
Barry Dunn Barry Dunn
Simple & Secure
If you are not handy, than this is for you. Snapped together easily. Netting took a bit longer, but overall the easiest thing I have put together.
Michael J Cirillo Michael J Cirillo
Secures chickens
We replaced the plastic netting with real chicken wire for more security. Overall, this is a nice chicken run. Instructions are for three different models so you need to make sure you are following the one you bought.
jo jo
Great structure
This is a great structure. I wanted something to protect my vegetable plants I bought this and built my raised garden inside it. It is working out wonderfully, keeps unwanted creatures out of my gardens and I realize that I can tarp it with plastic in the spring and start gardening even earlier
Lewis C. Lewis C.
Excellent construction, easy assembly
Excellent construction. Easy to assemble! Highly recommend
Momma G Momma G
Great for what I needed
We love the chicken run area it was a great space we do have 11 chickens inside of it with their and they have plenty of space to move around and be there the way they want to be we will be adding a second one to it so that we can expand as our chickens get a little bigger the downside the only thing I didn't like about it was that the fencing around it the green netting is very very thin and not as sturdy as I had hoped and I wish it had more support across the roof because when it rains the tarp that covers it does tend to droop and build up water so those are my two changes I would make other than that I completely recommend it is a great for an awesome price
Joseph Riccio Joseph Riccio
Sturdy and stable chicken run.
This is a great chicken run. My chickens free range in my backyard every day, however I can only let them free range when I can stand out in the yard with them the whole time to watch for hawks. I had a few close-calls so I decided I needed an additional, bigger run to let them hang out in while the hawks are lurking above. After reading many reviews of several chicken run options I chose this one. Unlike some of the other reviewers, my three boxes all arrived on the same day. They arrived several days prior to the expected delivery date. One of my sisters came one day to help me put the frame together. It took my sister and I about 2.5 hours to open and unpack the items and get the structure put together to include the frame for the door and the door. We felt we needed an extra hand to put the netting on. A few weeks later my 2 sisters came to help me put the netting up. I feel putting the netting up is definitely a three person job. We got the netting put up and affixed to the frame in a little under 3 hours. My advice for the netting is to have on hand extra zip ties and very strong scissors. The netting is metal and took effort to cut. I was able to use regular scissors but it would have been way easier to cut with heavy duty scissors. White zip ties do come with the package but I bought a 100 count package of several different sized black zip ties which I used in addition to the white ones that came with and I used many zip ties. Probably more than I really needed to. I also purchased a box of galvanized U-shaped garden stakes. I used about 4-6 garden stakes on each side just to make the structure more stable. I highly recommend doing that. My chickens are very happy using the run. I still let them free range, but this run is great to have when I cannot stand outside and guard them from predators. I definitely recommend this run and feel it is money well spent.
Heather Shanaman Heather Shanaman
Easy to assmble
I purchased this to contain our chickens. We’ve only had it up for a short time but it seems relatively sturdy, curious to see how it holds up over winter with the weight of snow on it. I was able to assemble this on my own, minimal tools needed. The hardest part for me was reaching the top because I’m only 5’4”, but if I stretched I could just manage it. I’d advise having a slightly taller person on hand. Chickens took a little time to get used to it but they seem to be content with it’s size. We have an actual coop attached for additional shelter and some perches inside as well. So far, I’d be willing to purchase this again. I also bought one directly from Vevor. I would have purchased from them again but it was out of stock with them. Everything comes in one, manageable box which was nice too. Directions were so-so but it’s not hard to figure out, except for the wire they sent along. It’s just several feet of wire and I can’t find anything in the directions that tell you want to do with it so we just threw it in the garage. I also haven’t had any experience/issues with predators where we live. If you live somewhere that you run the risk of something breaking in and killing the birds, don’t buy this. It’s made with thin, plastic coated wire and it can be broken relatively easily. If predators are a concern, you definitely don’t want this.
Carol Fontenot Carol Fontenot
Good product
It gives you a place to put nails to anchor it. We used 9” nails. We also bought additional wire and doubled the wire 3 foot up all the way around and used stronger zip ties than those provided because something keeps trying to break in. I’m happy we bought this product. Easy to put together!! Would definitely buy again!

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