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Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
I can't wait to try it out!!!
there seems to be a bit of a start up process the 1st time, some reviewers add an inline fuel filter and add some mounting screws inside.if it blasts hot air i will be tickled.
Tony Tony
Great campervan heater
Going on second season with no problems at all
khoa le khoa le
Very very helpful technology.
David D. David D.
It works
As much as I would have liked to buy the German products, the price difference is too much. Despite the pathetic user manual, once installed, this heater works great. No regrets.
oni oni
Must have even if it's just a backup to existing heat.
Was easy to put together, install and no maintenance. We had a really bad snow storm and freeze here and this was a life saver, literally. So excited about how portable it is and that I can add more heat hoses to cover all the areas I need. This thing fry's my shoes great and I don't worry about my dog's.
Bob Bob
Is well built no issues.
Heater came as expected and was easy enough to install as all parts needed are included. This heater puts out the heat.... definitely a fuel sipper and will give update as time will tell on how long it runs. Instructions are vague but lots of help on the internet if needed.
Mingo Mingo
Works Great !
I've only been running it for about 4-5 hours inside with the exhaust temporarily going out the wood stove flue just to test it out and I did run it @ several different settings out side for about 2 hours as well just to burn off any new smells and in all that time the fuel level only dropped about 3/4 "-1 " on a #5-6 setting with a few15-20 minute bursts @ the #10 setting ,,Very Efficient Indeed. It's 31 F ,damp and windy outside and it's maintained my 2000 sq ft house @ 69 F . My house is well insulated so that helps, but that's still Amazing IMHO !I mounted mine on a small 31 dollar (on sale) Harbor Fright welding cart so I'll be able to use it for different purposes and can Tee into any duct work I want to, ie; the house, off road camper, my workshop, the garage and I guess it could be used to heat my big tent as well for campground use ? That way the unit is not only portable, but pretty safe being outside.I just hope it has good longevity but in just the few short hours I've used it ,,I'M VERY VERY IMPRESSED !The control panel had come loose in shipping as it is only attached by 2 sided tape and there were a few small dents , dings and a small bend in the case and a few surface scratch's but being a body man I was able to straighten it all out OK and compound out the scratch's without it even being noticeable. None of this was very serious but It could use a bit better packaging for shipping than the original box IMO . It still has a bit of plastic/electronics/ smell and hot smell from the stainless exhaust pipe curing still, but not horrible & I think that will go away eventually? BTW,,,Defiantly get a couple better hose clamps for the exhaust pipe, the ones that come with this unit just WILL NOT squeeze down the exhaust pipe down tight enough so it won't leak exhaust gasses.It shipped very fast as well,,,one happy buyer so far. Other than the somewhat sparse packaging protecting the heater.
debbie w. debbie w.
Car heater garage heat
Used 2020 winter in garage even though it's a car heater 600 sq. Ft non insulation works ok in the fall does great temps 50/30 winter 40/20 not so great concrete floor gets cold nothing works had wood stove took 2 hrs to get the air will get the chill out quick in fall most my jobs are only a couple hours anyway.fuel consumption was low a tank last 4.9 hrs. If it was used in camper or van would stay toasty and be cheap to operate. Housing is kind of cheap thin but remember the price cheap. The rest seemed well made and it does get hot I didn't use the remote ever thing worked as stated if used for a garage I would recommend the 8000 btu. Also didn't drain battery very fast but mine ran wide open mostly. in a vehicle it would run on low mostly and suspect would use very little fuel. mine is the fully contained with a gallon and quart fuel tank. If you have the space the other stylecan be mounted below with a larger separate fuel tank and supplies. The EXHUAST does get hot I cut hole in wall and used a metal electrical double outlet box. The knockouts are perfect size for intake and exhaust .the wall didn't get hot nor vinyl siding. Hope this helps.
Jerry Hastings Jerry Hastings
Made in China
Im using this to heat my RV. Heater works great. Control board is confusing to use. Instructions are lacking and in broken English. But for the most part it does what i want it... Gives me heat.
linda linda
Great little unit.
Although the directions are lacking there are plenty of YouTube videos to get you over the hurdles. Great unit and value. 2021 Freightliner M2 sleeper cab.

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