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VEVOR Diesel Air Heater 8KW, All in One 12V Truck Heater, Parking Heater with Black LCD, Remote Control, Fast Heating Diesel Heater for RV Truck, Boat, Bus, Car Trailer, Motorhomes

Customer Reviews for VEVOR Diesel Air Heater 8KW, All in One 12V Truck Heater, Parking Heater with Black LCD, Remote Control, Fast Heating Diesel Heater for RV Truck, Boat, Bus, Car Trailer, Motorhomes

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Carl Martell Carl Martell
Works at high altitude!
I had a 3 KW diesel heater before that did not work at high altitude. I live in Colorado at 6,500 AGL this computer for the 5KW diesel heater is amazing! Lights with no smoke and doesn't take long to get going. I installed mine in a truck topper camper setup. I only use the 1 setting speed and I'm happy.
Mark Mark
Skoolie install
This little thing produces a ton of heat. Customer service was quick to reply and ship a replacement part under warranty months after purchase. Would purchase again.
Bryan N. Bryan N.
Diesel 12V Heater.
Use as another source of heating in an off grid situation or emergency. The application is endless. Use it in an automobile, shack, RV or a room that needs heating. In our case, we have used it for a backyard shed and there are ideas on YouTube while using it for that purpose! It has been used for 1 full month nonstop and it appears to be reliable and very robust. Vevor has made us a very stable customer to rely on their products. I'm happy and the wife is happy! Remember Use youtube for using it on any type of application to use it. Thanks again, especially to the designers and engineers at vevor!
Blane Cuny Blane Cuny
Great heater., I have used it greatly this spring as winter seems to hold on. I have thought of many ways to use this around our place.
Curtis Curtis
Beast of a unit
Used in my 29’ toy hauler. This unit kept us warm down into -20°F. Had for just over a year before one if the gaskets went causing an incomplete burn and diesel ended up getting into the blower motor bearings causing a premature failure of the bearings and ultimately the death of the motor. Ordered a spare motor but ended up upgrading due to shipping issues. This unit was the closest to an actual 8kw unit of all the diesel heaters I have owned.
Curtis Curtis
Worth the cost but not actually an 8kw unit
Upgraded my previous due to motor bearing issues and got this one. The control panel is definitely an upgrade vs the old which was great but the unit is much smaller than my previous 8kw which tells me its not an 8kw unit. Worth every penny if youre in sub zero temps in your camper.
Joseph hydzik Joseph hydzik
Camper extraordinaire
Definitely uses quite a bit of DC power which was expected, The fuel use is pretty good but it's still adds up over the course of 4 days of camping. We used about 3 gallons over 4 days. You definitely need an external DC power source or the ability to recharge your DC power source. Overall I'm very happy. Fueled it up gave it power turn it on high and it just works great. The heat that comes out of the vent is extremely hot upwards of 300° You can definitely use it to reheat food and possibly cook!! The heat that comes out of the exhaust is even hotter but that was expected so be smart while permanently installing and think about additional heat shielding if you have to be near other flammable stuff.
Bojan Bojan
It works like a charm
This is my second Chinese diesel heater and these things simply work. I don’t see a particular difference in between two that I own… I will post an update later about longevity until then only thing I can say is, it works.
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Great little heater and reliable!
I use it to heat my workshop. I can't tell you how many hours I have on it. Make sure the diesel is clean and it should run with no issues. I'm about to purchase another one...
Works great once we figured it out. Directions are a bit hard to figure out, as they are translated from a different language. But once we got it going worked great and kept the trailer warm all night. Easy to install. Had to make a few adjustments with the exhaust line. Great buy for the price.

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