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Ronald Rusch Ronald Rusch
Used 2 months it's great it didn't come with manual but easy to figure out run it out the window for now
Dave Dave
Best little heater I ever had.
This is the tiniest, most economical heater I have ever found. I used it to replace the window heat-pump in my travel trailer. This little heater puts out almost 4 times the heat for about $4.00 a day.
Gregory Gregory
Best heater
Awesome little heater. Install was pretty easy and it pumps out a lot of heat. Uses about a gallon of fuel every 8 hours or so when it is cold
Herb Herb
Puts out nice heat and good price/performance ratio are the best attributes of this heater. Quality is ok at best - some sheet metal screws were missing in the housing. That led me to open the unit and I re-tightened all screws and fittings - not a big deal and I would recommend you do that to be on the safe side. The paint job leaves a lot to be desired but for this price, you can't expect to win a beauty contest. The directions are the worst: I have no idea why the instructions are printed in the smallest possible size, the translation is horrible and it covers several different controllers. I am an electrical engineer and was only guessing and just kept pressing various buttons until it kicked on because the instructions are of no value. Hint: It takes quite a while until the pump is primed (you hear a clicking noise) and the unit sputters a bit at first. I will use to heat a garage when working cold weather or as an emergency heater during a power outage.
Easy to set up, started right up. Very clean burn. Very happy with the heater. It is easy to move easy to set up and get heat fast. This unit is very portable and looks well built. Good bang for the buck.
Neal289 Neal289
Perfect for my shed
Way more heat than an electric space heater. Installed in a 12x20 workshop shed and keeps it warm even on the coldest days. Nice warm air too.
Brigman Brigman
Can’t go wrong!
Let me start with, this is one awesome company with an amazing product! I wish I would have known about these years ago. I’m using it as a soul source of heat in my 10x12 shop yes it’s small and this little 5000 heater is to much for it I start on 4 and within 1 hour I have it down to 1. Well let me tell you I WILL be buying at least 2 more. For the money you can not go wrong. Buy 2 you will feel the same way I do. Promise.
Works great
I use this mounted in a window (for the exhaust) and it heats my basement to a comfortable temperature. It runs 24/7 during cold spells and is very efficient with the diesel fuel. I run it on solar and battery but any 12vdc source of ~5amps or less. The remote is nice to be able to turn it up or down and on and off. Kit came with all I needed for a complete unit. I would buy another if this one wears out. No smell inside as in/out for the combustion goes through the window on a home made window bracket.
Jon Jon
Works terrific, I got lucky so far. Got it hooked to a battery in garage, with a trickle charger and it kept working off the battery till the electric company got power going again. Hoping it will work off a small solar system, because it does eat the juice when first firing up. But so far so good.
Andy Andy
Works great. Easy to use. Plenty of heat and uses less fuel than expected. Heats a garage on low and is quiet enough to go undetected.

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