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Rebecca Rebecca
Nice little incubator
I bought this as an additional incubator for tortoise eggs. It maintains the temperature perfectly. Just a couple of little things would make this even better. The temperature is only displayed in Celsius. No big deal. It keeps the temperature so precisely you don't need a chart or anything to convert it. The blue temp and button lights are BRIGHT! You would not want this in a room where lights could disturb you at night. The last comment is the inside is fairly small so it was hard to find containers that will fit. I ended up buying these: Snapware Total Solution 6-Pc 8.5 cup Rectangle Plastic Food Storage Containers Set. You could use standard deli cups but I wanted to maximize the space and use something a bit taller. I would definitely purchase this again.
Eric Eric
Teaching Associate Professor
This is an outstanding incubator at a great price! The same basic unit runs almost $800 from a scientific supply company, and this one holds temperature more accurately than the high dollar unit. I've been running it through a range of temperatures from 5 - 30 degrees Celsius over the past two weeks, and it consistently holds whatever temperature I set it at within +/- 1 degree. This is the second unit I've purchased, as I was so impressed with the performance of the first one. Now my students just have to decide what they are going to name it.
cody cody
I bought this for an inoculating area for mushroom spawn. Works great! Keeps a constant temperature and hasn't failed yet. I would like to see a slightly bigger model made by the same manufacturer.
Carmichaels-15320 Carmichaels-15320
Reptile incubator useful
Good value, versatile unit. Not incubating reptiles but can use for many other things. Short term mini fridge for office, keep disk drives or electronics at safe operating temperature, etc. I'd pay more for a unit with even more features: -0 degs C to 85 degs C, programmable timer to change temps or computer control interface, more cooling power/faster, better way to get rid of excess moisture...
Feelflips Feelflips
Works well
I’m not using it for a reptile incubator but to keep liquids/fluid bags warm. Very steady temp control (measured with back up thermometer) It’s been working well since it arrived. It is also very easy to move around.
Katlyn Katlyn
Good microbiology incubator
I'm a weirdo and got this for microbiology plates, not eggs. It stays within 2 degrees Celsius of the set temperature. I was impressed with how quickly it heated up when starting it for the first time. It's sturdy, easy to clean, and has worked well for growing bacteria.
Mudderpugger Mudderpugger
Great for tempeh, Koji, ferments
I love it.Great price, works great, seems like it will last.
Kelly OKeefe Kelly OKeefe
Worth every penny
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
It works well
Great versatile incubator
Becky Becky
Worked perfectly
Our son successfully hatched 11 bearded dragon eggs! This incubator was so simple to use. He set the temperature and made sure to keep water in the tray and the humidity stayed at an optimal level. He Sidney need to put water in it more than 2-3 times a week. It took 80 days for the bearded dragons to hatch. We only lost one egg, but it was the smallest one to begin with. The babies are now two weeks old and doing well.

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