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Justin Justin
Be careful with it
Very nice and easy to use
P Will P Will
As expected
Maintains set temp +/- 1 degree as advertised.
Marsha Marsha
It works great
We have used it twice so far to warm our crystallized honey. It does what we need it to do.
Anetra Williams Anetra Williams
Works good so far.
Good product you need 2 hydrometer in the tank one at bottom and top to meet temps in the middle. I got this for ball Python eggs and im testing it for 30day so far I have been able to keep consistent temps and humidity between 88-90 degrees and 90-100 humidity.
Janet J Janet J
Great buy
My Grandson loves this! Exactly what he was looking for!
FishGeek FishGeek
Better than expected
Temperature is a bit off not a big deal very quite and roomy using for crested gecko eggs ..
Gerald G Gerald G
You get what you pay for
Incubator works great. Easy to use and temperature is accurate. Leopard gecko eggs are thriving.
Matt H Matt H
Working Perfectly so far for honeybee queen cells
There is a fair amount of temperature difference between the top and bottom of the box, but in the off season I plan on adding an internal fan so it should remedy that issue. I give this purchase 5 stars otherwise for cost/operation.
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Works fine
I use this for a DIY at home Molecular Biology lab and it does a great job for culturing bacteria. Whether using this for biology or incubating reptile eggs, it works!

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