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Desiree Desiree
I use this for my ball pythons! I can fit 2-3 clutches depending on clutch size. Easy to use simple as a first time breeder I say this was the best investment I've made towards my snakes! I will recommend to anyone! (I like in LA with hurricane season it's portable with car charger too to safely take it with us)
Weiling Pan Weiling Pan
Little expensive, but worth the price!
I got this product the same night when my turtle lays eggs which is Friday. I was expected to receive it on Monday as it said so. But it came on Saturday!This machine was a bit too expensive for me. But I wish to give the best to my turtle.I have it here to help me hatch my babies and it works well! Thanks to the machine to bring my babies to the world!
Madison T. Edwards Madison T. Edwards
Works Great For Bearded Dragon Eggs
This works! I bought this for my son and he finally got a chance to use it for his bearded dragon eggs. It took about 60 days and he now has bearded dragon babies. He added a temperature and humidity reader on the inside because the digital temperature reading is in Celsius. The unit is quiet and he's extremely happy with this.
Leah Leah
Good little incubator
Leaks a little, from tray, even when you’re careful about filling it, but otherwise a good value.
Jan Jan
Maintaining a consistent temperature
So far, so good. Maintaining an accurate temperature of +/- 1C (2F) for three weeks and counting.
Steven Steven
Solid Small Incubator
Purchased one of these incubators for incubating biological indicators. Set the unit at 60'C and it stayed at 60'C. The only issue I had was that the incubator has no access port to run my temperature monitoring probe into the chamber. Had to run the probe in through the door.
Uromastyx Thunder Uromastyx Thunder
Great Little unit that served our needs for incubating Uromastyx eggs. You can get MANY clutches stacked or go with the minimum of 2 trays a shelf and get at least 6. This incubator is perfect for small reptile eggs. I wouldn't want to try to incubate more than one or two clutches of Ball Python or larger eggs. I use a hatch tupperware that is 7.09 x 5.12 x 1.97 inches in mine, side to side on each shelf and the bottom tray. Worth the investment for small hobby breeding.
keith stroud keith stroud
Good incubator for small clutches of big snake eggs or a large clutch of small eggs.
I have two of these and so far they have worked pretty good for me. They’re not really big but definitely do the job for what I purchased them for.
Kathryn Kathryn
Works well, but verify your temperature
Works great. Seems to be about three degrees off the stated temperature, but holds well. Cheap alternative to a more expensive lab incubator.
Andrew C. Box Andrew C. Box
Calibration not perfect but temps hold pretty stable
See the attached image for some wireless temp probe data. This is good enough for mycology work. Just do some testing like I did to see how far set point is from actual, and just adjust set point accordingly. This unit seems like actual temp runs 4-5C below set point, but that otherwise, it's pretty stable. Totally fine for the price. I used to work a lot with $10,000 lab incubators and while they're better made, they aren't a ton better in terms of what they actually do.Longevity is another issue, we will see.

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