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Scrolling Sign

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Lay Hands On Captivating Scrolling Sign At VEVOR

Gone are the days of a paper scroll sign! Gen-Z and Millennials strongly disapproved of kraft paper scroll, mobile, web, and app commercials but preferred outdoor (OOH) promotions such as billboards, as per Kantar Millward Brown's inquiry. Digital-out-of-home advertisement not only impacts but is also environment-friendly.

We bid you greetings in the VEVOR's scrolling sign world, where ingenuity, elegance, and technology coexist perfectly, unlike a paper scroll sign or kraft paper scroll. At VEVOR, we know the importance of first impressions and create scroll signs that leave a positive one. 

VEVOR scrolling LED signs are the epitome of contemporary aesthetics and utility thanks to cutting-edge technology, brilliant  scrolling LED signs, and many customizable options. Join us on an exploration where creativity and style collide, and let the magic of VEVOR transform your place. 

Pick the Scrolling Sign Of Your Choice From VEVOR

There are undoubtedly many different scrolling sign types, each with a specific usage you can purchase after thorough knowledge. Here are a few examples: 

LED Scrolling Sign 

The high-quality scrolling LED sign  shows scrolling messages or pictures using light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Advertisement and dynamic message delivery are two common uses for them.


Bright and eye-catching 

Personalized message that is easy to edit 

Remote Control 


Initial Price high

Projection Scrolling Sign

These signs employ projectors to show scrolling text or graphics on surfaces like walls or floors. They have a variety of inventive as well as marketing applications.


Large-scale display 

Artistic freedom

Short-term and occasional use


Dependent upon the lighting 


Mobile Scrolling Sign

These signs are installed on the vehicles, scrolling information when a vehicle moves. Trucks, buses, and taxis frequently have advertising on them. 


Personalized advertising 

Better exposure of the brand 

Instant update


Concise message 

Less viewing time 

Aspects To Ponder When Buying Scroll Sign 

It could be challenging to buy scrolling LED signs. So, we go over fundamental points that you should consider before selecting any scrolling LED:

Pitch and Pixel Matrix

Even though the signs read "48 LED Sign," various makers vary in form factors, so it's likely that you're comparing two quite distinct signs. One "48" sign might have a 20 mm pixel pitch with a 64128 matrix, while another might have a 20mm 56112 matrix. There is a discrepancy of around 2,000 pixels there!

LED Scrolling Sign Software 

You should choose a scrolling LED sign with the appropriate control board and software if you require changes to your pitch on a timetable to target various clients or if you need to reach your LED control panel from outside your workplace. 

Marketing Message

It's crucial to pick the perfect message for your LED scrolling sign to reach the relevant audience. You must choose what to demonstrate to the public and how to do it. This thought assists you in making decisions regarding the required sign size and whether to use single-color or full-color scrolling led  signage. 

Tidbits For The Maintenance Of a Scrolling Sign

Establishing a schedule is essential for maintaining scrolling LED signs. To prevent dust and grime accumulation, frequently clean the front surface of the sign. Maintain a steady power supply to avoid disruptions and possible harm. Keep the sign's software up to date for optimal efficiency and security. 

Keep an eye on the temperature to prevent extremes. To avoid connectivity issues, frequently check and repair broken cables or connectors. Take care of any technical problems as soon as they arise to reduce outages and extend the life of the scroll sign.

High Quality & Sought-after Scroll Signs At VEVOR 

If you decide to purchase a scrolling LED sign from VEVOR, your concern would be opting for the product to get the best. To simplify, we've rolled out the hottest scrolling LED signs from VEVOR.

VEVOR 40×15 In LED Sign

VEVOR's seven-color indoor LED sign displays the brand image, date, time, timer, temperature, and scrolling text. The static/scrolling/flashing displays and more vibrant dynamic texts make the LED display more appealing with 96×96 HD resolution. Plus, the software is compatible with Android and Windows. 

VEVOR 40×8 In Scroll Sign

This scrolling sign can scroll icons, dates, times, and text, among other things. More than 40 animation effects are available, making it simple to communicate your message in various captivating ways. You can use Wi-Fi to connect to the LED sign regardless of location.

Full-color LED sign

The full-color 40*15 inch digital display sign and its bright and flashing elements are appropriate for various business settings, including nightclubs, bars, supermarkets, and shopping malls.

VEVOR 27×8 In Scrolling LED Sign

There are two lighting options for the 27*8 In LED scrolling text board: steady lighting and flashing lighting. While the flashing mode draws attention, the steady manner conserves electricity throughout the day. You can set up to 100 messages in the robust internal memory, which won't be erased in case of power failure. 

Why VEVOR Products?

When searching for office supplies and retail supplies, there’s no better option than VEVOR. So here are some of our pros to convince you of our reliability.


VEVOR is dedicated to keeping at the forefront of technological and design advances by providing cutting-edge solutions. 


VEVOR is a well-known brand with a solid reputation for excellence.


VEVOR provides a wide selection of equipment to meet the needs of many industries.

FAQs about Scrolling LED Sign

Q1. Can I link several scrolling signs together to show synchronized content?

A1. Networking scrolling signs allow for the presentation of synchronized information on many of them. 

Q2. How long does scrolling sign LED components last? 

A2. Components of LED scrolling signs have a long time frame, frequently lasting up to 100,000 hours of use, given years of dependable operation.

Q3. Do LED scrolling signs use little energy? 

A3. Yes, LED scrolling signs frequently utilize energy-efficient LED technology, using less electricity than conventional signage and being a more economical option. You can also try a Wi-Fi programmable LED message board to save energy further.

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