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VEVOR LED Scrolling Sign, 40" x 9" WiFi & USB Control P6 Programmable Display, Indoor Full Color High Resolution Message Board, High Brightness Electronic Sign, Perfect Solution for Advertising

Customer Reviews for VEVOR LED Scrolling Sign, 40" x 9" WiFi & USB Control P6 Programmable Display, Indoor Full Color High Resolution Message Board, High Brightness Electronic Sign, Perfect Solution for Advertising

Full Color 40 x 9 inches

Customer Reviews

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117 Review(s)
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Simple. Bright. Easy. Fun.
I love it. I bought 2 more.
Pete Pete
These signs are great! Bright, easily adjustable options and programming! Color and scrolling features are great, sign off and on alarm settings are helpful!
lisa lisa
led lights
had trouble programming. using the enclosed instructions.... once i googled the lights and programming instructions everything worked great.. must keep the usb in the light once programmed.... could not program the lights to my iphone therefore i couldn't change the program remotely or use wi-fi.. i had to use my laptop to reprogram and if the usb is removed once programmed... the lights restart and i had to start programming the light all over again...
Juan Fernandez Juan Fernandez
Excelent item
The article is easy to configure, I recommend it for all types of businesses, at first I thought it was going to be a complicated process but after watching some videos I was able to configure everything.
Keyatta James Keyatta James
Best everrr!
I love this so bright
Becky Becky
I wish I would have gotten this in color, luv it!
I thought it was going to be super hard to set up but I was pleased to find helpful answers in the comment section. The 2 tips I would like to give are; 1, when connecting through Wi-Fi on Android make sure you pick the Wi-Fi associated with the sign, not your regular Wi-Fi and if it doesn't show up select forget network and try again. 2, get the colored one, if I would have known all the cool stuff I could do I would have definitely sprung for the colored one.
William William
Awesome for the price!
So easy to use and the UI for the app is easier to us than I thought it would be! I didn't even know you can control it wirelessly with an app! Very bright during the night even in the day! I recommend as it has a lot of value for the price!
Anthony Anthony
Needs better instructions
So I've had this sign for about 2 weeks now. I first used the "wifi" setting, which was fun. But then I decided I wanted to try the PC app - once I did that, the wifi setting seemed to not work. It kept telling me there were no devices even though my phone was connected to the "network signal" for the sign.Well last night I was trying to figure out why it wasn't finding my device - it turns out, it's a simple fix. You have to turn off your mobile data - that's it. Once I turned off my mobile data, the app FINALLY connected to the sign and I was able to control it from my phone. I personally prefer the PC app because it has more font options, but controlling it from the phone can be useful at some point.The app was another issue I had - when I tried to do my first sign display, the whole sign went haywire and was just a bunch of red dots. It turns out the settings in the PC app need to me modifified. In the Screen Settings option I had to change my screen size and that fixed the error.It really is a nice sign and works great IF you can figure out HOW to work it. They really should include better instructions, the only reason I figured these things out is because I'm overly patient lol
jvazquez1990 jvazquez1990
I like the product very easy to use.
Lilly Lilly
I love my sign. It was bigger than i thought it would be. Its great for the price and I just love how i can change the font size and the messages

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