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VEVOR K11-200 Lathe Chuck 8 Inch 3 Jaw,Self Centering Chuck Hardened Steel Jaws,Internal External Grinding for Lathe Drilling Milling Machine

Customer Reviews for VEVOR K11-200 Lathe Chuck 8 Inch 3 Jaw,Self Centering Chuck Hardened Steel Jaws,Internal External Grinding for Lathe Drilling Milling Machine

Customer Reviews

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Jan Kent Jan Kent
An 8 inch Diameter 3 Jaw Chuck with reversable jaws, Great for the price.
This mechanical chuck is a bit clunky. The materials, quantity and quality of machine work in this chuck yet produced at such a low cost and delivered to your front door, amazing. These economy tools often need some special TLC first for assembly. More for you buck. Take it apart and smooth deburr the sharp edges you will find most everywhere. A little lube on any bearing pin, Its a great 8 inch Chuck for the price. I installed an D4 adaptor plate on mine to mount on my 14 inch Lathe, This chuck may be too big for smaller lathes. Runs true enough, holds a 2 1/2 inch diameter material into the chuck hole. Machine handles it. Its a great chuck for the price, not my choice for production in a machine shop, but good enough for a home hobbyist. Soft jaws and everything runs perfect..
Grey Wolf - Wolf Clan Welding Grey Wolf - Wolf Clan Welding
This item completed my home built roll out wheel. Excellent tool. Value for the price and exceptional quality.
Myles Myles
Solid Chuck
I'm not really using it for the standard purpose but it functions as the original on my lathe should. No issues opening and closing it I cleaned and relubed it as I would suggest anyone do when buying anything metal on metal that moves like vices slides ect.
Guy Guy
Lathe chuck 10 inch
Works excellent accurate for my needs easy to use and maintain 1.5 thousands excellent accuracy too
William Smith William Smith
Sent back
Sent back order by mistake
paul dennison paul dennison
Best value
I used the 6” on a welding positioner I made and was able to get it within .002, which is just fine for what I need.
Bill Dudley Bill Dudley
The 12 inch Craftsman Lathe is back.
Turned down the new backing plate to fit this 5 inch Chuck and brought it back to less than 2 thousandth run out on the dial indicator. I was very nervous to try this (absolute amateur) but it came out well. The tightening sequence of the backing plate bolts was the key, set up a dial indicator on a nice round part like a drill bit shank, turn the chuck to find the high spot tighten the variance out, repeat. My old chuck was 90 thousandths plus out, so happy with the new one.
Sheila Murray Sheila Murray
Quality is nice
The quality of the chuck is good, but bought a vevor brand wood lathe and had trouble getting the t bar to mount. Now I have this 4 inch 3jaw chuck that does not have the correct size t handle. I will post a video later.
Robert Aylsworth Robert Aylsworth
Chuck is incomplete
The lathe chick is good but had to go out side of amazon to find a base will not work with out the other
Joey King Joey King
on time shipping
worked very good

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