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VEVOR 550LBS Manual Lever Chain Hoist, 1/4 Ton 5FT G80 Mini Come Along Ratchet Puller Hoist with Hook for Warehouse Building Automotive Machinery

Customer Reviews for VEVOR 550LBS Manual Lever Chain Hoist, 1/4 Ton 5FT G80 Mini Come Along Ratchet Puller Hoist with Hook for Warehouse Building Automotive Machinery

0.25 T 1.5 m

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Engineer Engineer
Works well
Very good lift. Used to load furniture into pickup. The only comment would be that the mechanism tends to rotate as you turn or ratchet the handle. Using two hands solves that problem.
DasHaus DasHaus
More Stable than Expected. Came nicely packaged. Feels quality
Used these to lift an aftercooler off a large industrial diesel. Less an issue of weight and more an issue of how large/cumbersome the item is. Used x2 of the 1/4t and had no issues. Great for fine control and the hooks did the job just fine. Going to keep a close eye on these for wear/tear but overall very happy with the purchase. If I was going larger in tonnage, I might select a higher end brand like Harrington to avoid surprises.
Ray Richardson Ray Richardson
I already owned one similar to this one but, it cost 5x's more! I decided to try the Vevor brand and this thing is out performing my CM. I'll be buying 2 more soon and I suggest anyone that works by themselves, to buy as well! You'll thank me and Vevor!
Joseph McCurry Joseph McCurry
Great little lightweight come along, May buy another just so I have 2, they are so handy to use, deffintely a great buy
Fernando E. Fernando E.
Great hoist
Very good hoist makes lifting heavy things easier
Gopher Baroque Gopher Baroque
I bought a pair of these to use on a gantry crane, for raising / lowering the beam. Much cheaper than the factory hand-winches, which are pretty much the same thing. These work fine, the short handle is acceptable since the load is not very high. I just used them tonight to raise the beam one notch and it was very slick to be able to do each side without moving hardware. The compact design is nice to store on the crane. I debated whether to get the 10ft or the 5ft version - the longer one worked out fine with the little black plastic handle on the "winching" chain handy for hanging the tail off the floor. I think the 5ft version would be just a touch too short for full range on my gantry.
diy diy
good product
great little chain hoist. use it all the time around the shop and keep it in my truck for use there also.
russell j snyder russell j snyder
Very nice little come a long. Well built and easy to use. So compact, makes it handy.
Jason T Jason T
As a Millwright, this come-a-long is my sidekick. It's been on some pretty rough jobs, and has handled them like a champ. If you touch metal at work, you need one of these
Bryan Lawless Bryan Lawless
Welder, Mechanic, Profesional Pimp and Cowboy.
Not a bad "chain hoist". Quality is pretty decent. The chain on the hoist is more of a heavy duty dog chain. I was expecting a regular chain but it works well for 1/2 ton. $53ish each I thought was about $10 a piece too expensive but oh well. I'm satisfied for what it is. Be pretty good for processing elk or deer.

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