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John John
Home owner
Works great got just in time for fall. Lots of compliments. Easy to still feed fish. I wish we would have had sooner
neil drake neil drake
easy install, looks good
Susan Krivichi Susan Krivichi
Great protection for small pond
This little screen tent works great to keep fall leaf debris out of a 60 gallon pond feature. It was easy to put together and install and has withstood high winds and snow during the month it has been in place. I like the zippered door to gain access to the pond and plants. Nice product.
alpaca alpaca
Pond tent
It was great for what I wanted it for. I am using it to keep leaves out of my pond during the fall. I thought it was a good deal for the money and. Easy to assemble.
Velvet Marmoset Velvet Marmoset
Initial impression: good, but time will tell
I just set this up today, so I can’t speak to its longevity, which is my biggest worry.Setup:- Not bad with two people.- The instructions were on one folded up page in the small bag of stakes.- The hardest part was getting the poles in place *until* I realized the instructions were for a different design — they show a tab with a grommet-like hole for the ends of the poles. This 7x9 tent has a different design, however — a split ring with a small pin attached. If you have this design, just insert the pin at each corner into the end of each pole.- The instructions for the wind lines might be confusing if you’ve never done something similar, but they work. Definitely use them! The stakes on the skirt alone are never going to hold this thing down in the wind.Materials:- Time will tell for the netting and the sleeves that hold the poles, which is where similar things I’ve owned have failed after a few years of sun exposure. - The stakes are not great. I used them for the skirt-like base, but with little confidence. I used beefier stakes I had on hand for the four wind lines.- The zipper seems pretty dinky, but I don’t plan on using it often, so as long as it holds together, I’m okay with it.Design:- Time, wind, and snow will tell — I’ll update if anything dramatic happens!- The skirt-like base is going to flap all over the place in the wind unless you weight it down with rocks/pavers/bricks. It only has grommets for stakes at each corner.- It’s nice that there’s enough play in the system to allow some repositioning of the ends of the poles — I have a tiny pond with a larger bog filter I wanted to cover, and it’s in an awkward position in my rock garden, so I had to squish the tent a bit, but it seemed to handle it just fine.
Jimmy Jimmy
This pond cover is a must have for anyone with a koi pond. I bought the nine-by-twelve for one pond, and the 10 x14 for the other. The 10x14 is big enough that you could set it up on your deck and use it as a screen room.
Sheryl V Sheryl V
I absolutely love it
I bought this tent to cover my fish pond so when the leaves start coming down they won’t go inside my pond and I absolutely love it it is working wonderful
Discover g. Discover g.
A great product
My stepfather loves this. He can go in to feed the fish. And it keeps the cats, Possums and raccoons out.
christopher wagner christopher wagner
no leaves in pond so far
just what i was looking for,and no problems with seller.
Geri Hayes Geri Hayes
How sturdy it is
I put it over my koi pound. It works really good

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