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Ron F. Ron F.
Good enough
Kit came missing some of the hardware lengths needed. Also had to thread chase a few of the holes. Still made everything provided work. Stand is a little wobbly and the rubber feet slide when hard on the g920 brake pedal, but does not hinder play for me. Was definitely worth the purchase price for an entry level stand. It’s also light enough to move and store out of site when not being used.
Deon Deon
Works well with G29 so far
I was really on the fence about getting a challenger or gt lite. I went with this solely for the price, and after reading reviews about stability, was ready to return it before it arrived.Honestly, it's not that bad, the stability isn't that bad if you really tighten things down. Are people expecting it to feel like its mounted to a wall? If you had the know how it would be easy to modify this thing to suit whatever needs you have.Instructions aren't bad either. Didn't show me which of the holes to use on a couple spots - that's because it's up to you. you can set it up to basically sit on the floor like an f1 car and prop the pedals up at an angle, or sit up high like a truck with the pedals flat on the ground. For the price, versatility, and compact design, I'd call this a win. (have not tried shifter mount yet, but looks decent.)It's small enough I can just move it out of the way when not in use. Just trying to figure out which chair to use with it.
Bradshaw Bradshaw
Gamer’s Dream
My teenage boys love the stand
Derek Derek
Awesome product
Holds my logitec wheel and pedals perfectly. Great adjustability to get it to fit to your body and chair. Also has a bracket for a shifter if you have it.The velcro for cable management is a nice touch as well.Also folds down fairly easy for storage.
Megan, Matt Megan, Matt
Instructions suck but product is great
Fits my g920 perfectly I have pedals wheel and shifter bolted on with supplied screws. You have to really use the end result pictures when putting it together. But for the price I am very happy
dn dn
Great value for a Racing Wheel stand
This had changed my racing wheel setup. no more wobbly table and pedals that creep across the floor.
Massoud Massoud
Great deal for the price!
I needed a stand for my flight simulator gear and this one provided best bang for the buck. Sturdy construction, great price and ability to modify to my needs made this the perfect choice. See my blog post about how I used it with Honeycomb yoke and throttle quadrant:
alice vidro alice vidro
Awesome great product
Austin Russell Austin Russell
Does what it's ment too
I needed something better then the home made rig I made, and this did the trick. Took my 20 minutes to assemble and is easily adjustable to fit different people.
Johnny English Johnny English
Works on thrustmaster t150
Great price for a gaming steering rack. I m very surprise on how sturdy it is. The rack stays in place while playing the Laguna Seca track on GT7 down at the famous Crockscrew. It works on the thrustmaster t150. The original t150 clamp holder will be needed to hold the wheel in place. The paddles fits in one of those slots on the floor board, it can be screwed in place with provided hardwares. Everything is great except the instructions! The pictures are burry, and it’s hard to read. There are tons of left over hardwares that are not mention in the instructions.

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