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VEVOR Adjustable Steering Wheel Stand Frame Stainless Steel Racing Steering Wheel Stand fit for Logitech G27 G25 G29 and G920 Wheels Racing Simulator Stand Racing Wheel Gaming Stand

Customer Reviews for VEVOR Adjustable Steering Wheel Stand Frame Stainless Steel Racing Steering Wheel Stand fit for Logitech G27 G25 G29 and G920 Wheels Racing Simulator Stand Racing Wheel Gaming Stand

Customer Reviews

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Jacob Jacob
Good quality, occasionally will have shifter get loose but has good features and is very stable. A bit pricey could be a bit cheeper but otherwise no complaints.
J. S. J. S.
The design and functionality is great. The finish and instructions not so much.
I bought this mainly for flight simulator controller, namely Turtle Beach VelocityOne. I took a chance on this one as Turtle Beach own stand/mount was much more expensive. First the negatives. First off, instructions are printed in such a small print that unless you have better than 20/20 vision you will have problem reading them. Second, parts themselves are not labeled, as with so many other put it together items, that you have to be careful when assembling and double check that you are using the right part. Third, the top part, the plate that holds controllers, seems like almost an inch too wide. I had to put some force to spread the side bars holding it so it would fit in between. This does not seem like by design but who knows. Fourth, the quality of finish is lacking in few spots. There are scratches on the metal, but not just paint, some metal scratches are protruding out. Normally I would not care but one of them is on the plate you put your feet on. I will probably sand it down as I only wear socks when using it and am afraid socks may catch that. Now to the positives. The unit seems very functional. Has predrilled holes but they do not work for Turtle beach flight controller so I am using clamps. The height adjustment is pretty wide and overall design seems what you would need. The stand seems sturdy and will do fine for flight control. Not sure about racing when you turn your wheel side to side quickly but others can probably chime in. There is a little wiggle side to side of the top plate and the side arms. I would give it 3 1/2 stars if I could for the instructions, quality of finish and the top plate fit. Time will tell how it holds up.
Ron Ron
Very Satisfied
Overall this has been a great wheel stand. My only criticism is the lack of adjustability in regard to the angle the wheel itself can be placed. I drilled my own holes in the frame to improve this adjustability and now it fits my needs perfectly. Definitely a great bang for your buck.
CJ Conklin CJ Conklin
Good for the price
Onky had one issue but doesn’t affect the usability. Was missing a threaded hole for locking seat. But so far so good. Great for the price.
P. Castle P. Castle
Surprisingly pleased
When I ordered this stand I was considerably sceptical. I'm a larger/older man and didn't honestly think it would adjust well to me and the online pics make it look cheap. I assembled it quickly with minor effort. The tools needed were included. This stand is very sturdy and well made in my opinion. It fits me perfectly with a lot of adjustment if needed. My son and I do simulation driving and I showed it to him, he also liked it. Final thoughts....I like it enough to where I'm buying another for him. Build quality/Stability/Price are all great.
Dany Dany
Its ok for most of it... shifter part well....
This is a solid frame for your steering wheel setup, works well... mostly... the steering wheel and pedals go on really great... shifter too but only when you are shifting between 1-6 gears. Now the reason why i gave it 4 stars is because when using the shifter stand with the shifter in it, the welds that hold the shifter is not well done when you have to go into reverse (since you have to push down on the shifter to engage reverse) thats where the shifter holder starts to like bend downward, this wasnt an issue for a while but the more you would have to engage reverse the more preasue you would put on the welds Everything else is solid, just wish the way you mount the shifter would have been more stable for when you have to press down to go into reverse, otherwise everything else is well built for the price, ill just have to disable the manual reverse functions on my games to avoid having to use the shifter to go into reverse
Gabriel Reid Gabriel Reid
Great for the Price
It is a bit of a pain to put together due to a very poor instructions page. It is light, so it will lift up periodically if you are either rallying, or racing with a max feedback game. It is a great starter and a recommended affordable option. I bought mine directly from the Vevor website.
Kevin Kevin
Amazing stand
I really like this stand. Useful, complete, and cheap !! Fits perfectly both G29 (Logitech) and T300RS (Thrustmaster) steering wheel.
Latasha Atkins Latasha Atkins
I purchased for my brother for Christmas and he loves it. the quality and manufacturing of the stand is awesome,he has had no issues with it and the assembly was simple and easy to put together. My youngest nephew has the time of his life. so much value in this item and hopefully for years to come my brother will pass it off the his children so they may used it to play video games with him or friends.Thank you so much.
Jorge E. Ralat Jorge E. Ralat
they need a RQ code or better instructions

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