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Akpan Jennings Akpan Jennings
The rig is very sturdy probably enough for a DD wheel. One of the screws for the seat adjustment lever wouldn’t screw in completely because of a mis-drilled hole the cosmetic cover hid the defect and the lever still works fine. Instructions are bad but you can find a more detailed instructions if you google GT OMEGA ART and use their instructions.
Robert Durfee Robert Durfee
Great experience
Built strong, very adjustable, exactly what we wanted. Works for the adults and children. Real fast delivery. Very pleased
Willie Freeman Willie Freeman
Very well made and compact design
Will adapt to Fanatec CSL DD for Xbox when I get the back ordered wheel base.
andrew d. andrew d.
Very sturdy
IntimacyGel IntimacyGel
Very slick and great performance considering small package
assembles just fine, looks great. Plenty of options and angles. I will say its very difficult to raise and lower the height
Rodolfo Rodriguez Rodolfo Rodriguez
Definitely missing something
The assembly guide for this is completely horrendous. It’s just a single page with faded out pictures of the zoomed out product. This made it near impossible to see where goes where with what screw. If you pick this up, know you’ll be needing reference photos from others and experimenting which goes where which is basic. It’s a sturdy product but a hassle to assemble as I’m sure I’m possibly missing screws.
Mittens Mittens
Seems like a good stand!
I'd give the quality a B due to a couple holes not lining up correctly on the bottom part of the stand that holds the pedal. It isn't perfectly square so the holes do not line up perfectly. I couldn't get one screw in all the way. I hope it doesn't cause a problem only being a few threads in. The screws provided are very good though. Plans are a small challenge but I really didn't have much issue. I can feel it flex a bit, but then maybe I'm just too strong. :) We'll see how it holds up over time!!
Jeff Jeff
Can't beat it for the price
I have a Logitech G920 wheel and a base model Gt Racing chair and this stand serves all my needs. I'm not a super serious racer but for FM7, Assetto Corsa and Nascar Heat 5 this stand is very stable and on the carpet it doesn't slide or move even with the pressure it takes to hit the brakes on the G920.
Justin Justin
Easy to assemble once you find tight video.
Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Awesome product!!
Eugene Rogers Eugene Rogers
Rs6 Racing Simulator Cockpit Gaming Chair W/ Stand Stretchable Height Adjustable

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