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Mark Bosworth Mark Bosworth
Sturdy racing wheel stand
I'm happy with this stand. Installation instructions where clear and quite easy to follow. Some pictures where quite small, but bit of thinking and magnifier got me through. Paint job and welding looks excellent. Bolts tightened, very sturdy, not wobbly at all. Mounting plate had holes just where needed for Logitech racing wheel and pedals. Wheel stand is adjustable.
ricardo diaz ricardo diaz
Yep, great light duty stand.
Works perfect. Just don't get rough with it. For casual racer and family fun it's fine. You can sit comfortably on a couch and race. Holes didn't all exactly work but any confident human can drill some new holes and set it up how you want. Add some wire loom and you're good. Came with 4 velcro straps. Will fold but it's just gonna put unwanted wear and doesn't make it any better with equipment attached. Just push to a corner.
alejandro alejandro
Great for driving games
The main reason I like this item is beacause it is very sturdy for racing wheels.
David E. Mullett David E. Mullett
This does a good job and is really stable. The main issue, as pointed out by other buyers is the crap assembly/instructions. I also like the ability to add on a race seat down the road. Overall, this is a good compact rig for the price.
Jacob Conner Jacob Conner
It's a winner!
Took me about an hour to put it together. It's not complicated. I'm sure I have some bolts in the wrong spots bc the instructions are not clear but they did help a little. Once you get your wheel and pedals on with all the bolts tightened down this thing does the job very well and is pretty stable. Only slight movement during heavy use. I'll definitely be able to win some races on Gt Sport using this thing.
Axial Tolerance Axial Tolerance
It Works
cost effective, built well for steering wheel or flight yoke, adjustable, left or right hand, instructions could be better but not hard to put together..
Daniel Carlson Daniel Carlson
Key item
The stand is a must have for the wheel, shifter, & pedals. It adjust somewhat easily and seems to be good quality. It’ll probably last longer then the items attached to it
this is me this is me
Easy to build
Great price and love the fact you can switch the shifter from each side
4maxthedog 4maxthedog
Great budget racing wheel stand!
For the price, it's great! For someone getting into sim racing, this works well. A full racing seat cage would be better, probably. But, this is something you can also put in a closet, when you aren't using it, too.
John McRae John McRae
Would recommend
Been using for while now and its sturdy and has everything you need. Wobbles a little if you go crazy but its pretty sturdy overall. Would recommend makes a big difference versus just having pedals on floor and sterring wheel and shifter on a table. Instructions werent the best but its all pretty self explanatory

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