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Chris hopper Chris hopper
Loving it
Very simple to put together took about 1hr and very sturdy thank you would buy again
Jennifer Blackman Jennifer Blackman
Worst assembly instructions ever!
The stand itself is fine but the assembly instructions are terrible! Don't even try...just go to YouTube and search for a video.
Madison Madison
Can’t beat the price!
My husband has been dropping hints for months about getting one of these but I couldn’t convince myself to spend the money on one of the fancier versions. This does the job and makes him much more comfortable when racing! Highly recommend!
Specialkvi Specialkvi
Better instructions needed
Even though the price was not bad, it did take a while to understand the instructions to build it. It was great that the logitech steering wheel, foot, pedals, and gearshift worked perfectly on this stand.
J. Cain J. Cain
Works good.
Fairly easy to assemble and works good.
Mason Mason
Decent for the price
Only thing I wish it had was a way to fold in half for better storage or even instructions to put together.
Brett Perry Brett Perry
Great for sim beginners
I bought this originally to play GT7 on my PS5 paired with a Logitech G29 wheel/peddles and the Driving Force shifter. The instructions are flat out awful, but after watching a few YouTube tutorials, I built it pretty quick. Besides the instructions being awful, this beginner rig is great. Fairly sturdy except when you push forward on the wheel, there is a little movement but not enough for me to get annoyed by it. I definitely recommend getting some type of racing chair of you don’t have one already.
Thai Nguyen Thai Nguyen
Worst instructions ever!
First, let’s go over the bad things1. Worst instructions ever!2. Short on washers3. Steering wheels shakes and the stand wobbles just a little. Has to remove the steering wheel plastic clamps off to get connect to flat stand and then put the 2 screws.4. Shift knob holder moves a little.5. When you put the black knobs the steel metal doesn’t have holes for them . I guess they make it like that for your preference for settings.6. When you install the steering wheel make sure the wires isn’t directly under the wheel where it is being smash. You will loose connection when wheels shakes a lot! Make sure wires are in the middle!Second, the good things1. Price okay, but it is a even better if you go website . Save like $20. I couldn’t stop the order.2. Quality of the wheel stand is reasonable. It works very well for my g29.3. I like that you can adjust everything. The shift stand holder is perfect placement for me. The adjustment for wheel is good height for me.
E.B. E.B.
Good stand but folding aspect mid
It's good sturdish holds the wheel and pedals in place well. It does fold to save space but its no fast way to do so need to completely unscrew two screws to fold up. Overall good for the price
James Buhrman James Buhrman
Racing set up
Instructions could be better and some of the threaded inserts were not user friendly due to powder coat but got it to work

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