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DK76 DK76
Nice heavy tarp, firmly attached grommets
I just received this tarp (white) and installed it as a sun-reflecting cover over my dog kennel (which I'm using as a catio). The kennel came with a black/silver peaked roof covering. Even with the silver side out, the catio gets too warm inside in bright sun. I bought this tarp to add reflect the sun and keep it cooler inside. Works like a charm. This tarp is heavier than the one that came with the kennel kit, so it will likely keep more water out as well (although I won't have cats in it when it rains). The tarp seems like a quality product and the grommets are firmly attached - none of them were loose when I was attaching it with the bungee bands. I can't rate the durability or weather-proof qualities, since I just installed it on a nice sunny day yesterday. I expect it will be fine. Thanks!
Mark A. Ridinger Mark A. Ridinger
Pee resistant!
For years I have had to deal with my overly retaliatory cats behavior. He likes to pee on blankets and bed sheets to get revenge on us when we don't answer to his demands of turning the bathroom faucet on at all hours of the day. We have gone through so many tarps to out over our beds so he doesn't pee on our blankets...
Philip Jones Philip Jones
Thick (stiff, hard) tarp
I replaced an old, threadbare tarp with this new brown/black model. (I use it to cover my electric cargo bike, which must be kept outside because it's too big to fit into my building's bike storage). The tarp is very thick and stiff so it's waterproof and won't get blown around. I would have preferred green to camouflage better with the fence, but the tarp is very functional. I'll report back in a year or two about its durability.
Cpage2018 Cpage2018
Good Substantial Tarp
I have this over my "Catio" (which is on my porch). Keeps the interior clean and dry when not in use. I like that it is green. This blends with the natural surroundings much better than the cheap blue one I was using before.
broken hero broken hero
It's great for outdoor protection from the elements
I needed a waterproof, durable cover for protection for an outdoor stray cat. This was perfect. It's windproof and waterproof and gives her protection from the rain and snow, wind and cold. And it's not so thick that it's difficult to handle. I could mould it right around her little house.
High quality, long lasting tarps!
With a dog rescue, I'd go thru standard tarps twice a year. These tarps are so thick and well made that they have not been replaced in 3 years and counting. Well worth the price!
Briget Briget
Honestly, its still in the bag. I bought it to put over the not tub for the family reunion because the top of the hot tub was ripped up by my dogs and looks pretty nasty but because of the covid thing it didn't happen so I don't feel right rating it because I haven't used it but I'm sure it'll be great when the day comes
Noelia Vidauri Noelia Vidauri
Works great
Put it under our tent here in Fla where it
Diesel Dave Diesel Dave
Got Spring cleaning and Yard mess
Excellent substitute for garbage bags when when clearing out debris. Whether its cleaning out the garage or picking the leaves up in the backyard. A must have.
Enrique ramos Enrique ramos
Heavy Duty, Sturdy, Protects your Rec/Camper/Canoe!
I waited a couple of months and through two high-wind snow storms to write this review. This is definitely heavy duty! My husband and I put our Old Town canoe on top of our pop up camper, anchoring it securely. Then we anchored this tarp securely, using the sturdy grommets and bungee cords. After two whipping snow storms, the tarp is secure and our gear is dry. HIGHLY recommended. Costs a little more, but worth it! Speedy delivery, too.

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