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Marty R. Marty R.
Impressive tarp
I needed to make a temporary shelter for my new tractor so I bought this to string up between 4 trees. The thickness of this tarp is absolutely amazing and does not disappoint. It has held up through some pretty serious wind and rain - no issues. I will say though, it is not fireproof!! Had some hot embers land on it from a burn pile of limbs and it melted some small holes in it. But that's my fault (actually my wife did the burning but I'm taking the blame cause that's what good husbands I've been told).
April Beall April Beall
Very durable against puppy teeth
I purchased this tarp for what may be an unconventional reason: to provide a "flooring" for my young puppy's pen. The tarp had to be durable against puppy teeth (it is), easy to clean (very much so), and waterproof (for obvious reasons, and it is!). The puppy pen and tarp are used indoors and outdoors only in nice weather, so I can't speak to whether the tarp is weatherproof. But everything else about the tarp is A+, so my guess is that this tarp would be weatherproof also.
Hlydude Hlydude
100% As-Advertised and Truly Waterproof!
I would recommend this as an affordable and effective solution for all types of applications. It is a durable, sturdy and completely water resistant product as advertised.
Andy Zimmerman Andy Zimmerman
Looking for a super thick tarp!
Received in the mail today. Needed a tarp to attach to my postal work van that I could overhang over a multi customer box to work on and keep me out of the rain. North of Seattle and it rains all the time. Rain gear helps but getting pummeled by rain and wind just sucks after awhile. I ordered other things that will make my idea be great. Can't wait to implement my plan. Tarp seems very thick. The only weird thing is that the holes to attach bungee cords or some kind of hold down are not the same on opposing sides. They are spaced differently. No big deal for what I am using it for but may be a concern for some of you out there. Otherwise it looks to be of great quality and nice and thick. Should hold up nicely in the wind and rain. Will definitely have a follow up if not!
Marisa Elena Kentos Marisa Elena Kentos
These are factory seconds for sure
This is a fantastic tarp! Much heavier than any tarp I've ever had, I usually buy the same size at a local feed store for about the same price but this one is much thicker. I noticed that that tarp I received had one of the metal grommets missing, but for me it's no big deal. Lots of factory defects in these tarps as you can see in the comments but for just throwing a tarp over a bunch of cow hay I'd say this is probably the best value for the money. This tarp is also super stiff, like it has an extra coating of plastic on it or something. Probably wouldn't hold up well if it was flapping in the wind but for sun snow and rain it looks like it will be really tough.
issy issy
Heavy duty tarp purchase
I'm never gonna give a tarp a warmness rating and I hope I don't have to but this is a very thick and heavy tarp for only a 10 by 10 but I mean seriously it's pretty darn heavy so not a good backpacking tarp if that was your thought process, but if you do car camping like I do and use it as a base layer for a tent of the same size it's amazing and doesn't have any issues. I do take care of it and clean it and dry it after use before puttibg it away so I won't speap to using it other things but I have faith it'd hold pretty good for other things. It's far better than any blue tarp or even heavy duty tarps from most department stores.
pstechnologies pstechnologies
Cheaper on
Daily florida dounpours dont phase this tarp. Just wish there were more size options. They do run small so dont end up needing a second one like me, go get the next size up on walmart for only a few dollars more.
Laurie j Fink Laurie j Fink
Excellent, super heavy-duty tarp!
Used this once for a three-day camping trip as a rain shelter for our eating area. This thing is thick and heavy! I had zero issues with it.
James C Guard Sr James C Guard Sr
Great tarps and many different sizes!
I bought the 8x10 tarp cover for an inflatable pool on my front patio. I liked it so much that I bought another one in the 6x8 size. I decided to use one to put underneath the pool as a mat on the concrete and the other to cover the pool. They are of great quality and they were very affordable. I would definitely buy them again.
Barbara Ebeling Barbara Ebeling
True Size, Very Durable Against Penetrations
This is a good sturdy tent bottom. We used it in the desert on rock strewn surface and nothing punctured the tarp.

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