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Lisa Lisa
400 lbs 31 x 23 inch
My husband loved both items. The table is very sturdy and the welder was much more than he asked for. Very good price for this product.
JYamada JYamada
650 lbs 36 x 24 inch
Light Foldable Welding Table.
Great for light DYI work at home. It's nice that it folds up and can be stored. It's not too heavy but the wheels could be helpful if you need to move it any distance. Assembly was very easy while using the included assembly instruction sheet. It also works well as a temporary work table, if you get something to cover the holes in the table top.
David David
650 lbs 36 x 24 inch
Great but instructions have 1 incorrect step.
Fantastic table once i figured out the instructions were incorrect. If you follow the instructions, the table top WILL NPT attach because the bolts are not long enough. If you put plate5 Inside 6&7 it fits perfectly.
Franksilver Franksilver
400 lbs 36 x 20 inch
Thin metal
Not bad welding table, BUT, it is thin metal, instructions SUCK!!!!! I have purchased another one and probably will get total of 4. I doubt the weight rating, but i do like it.
Nperez Nperez
400 lbs 30 x 20 inch
READ thr instructions...not that hard.
Was this table in the end worth it to me for my small welding projects? Yes! It makes a nice sturdy for which I can easily throw any type of project on it and not be worried. Can it be built better, absolutely however you are getting what you paid for and I knownI didn't want to invest to heavily on a table that I would barely use once in a while
matthew pearce matthew pearce
400 lbs 30 x 20 inch
An affordable starter welding table
The instructions are bad but if you are the slightest bit good at figuring stuff out you should be able to get it together. Everything lined up and all the hardware was there. It seems to be sturdy enough for lightweight work, however I would not even think about putting 400lbs on it. Look, its a $70 welding table so don't expect a lot and you won't be disappointed. I'm very happy with the purchase.
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
400 lbs 31 x 23 inch
Missing piece
I just got it and assembled it come to find out no slag tray. So the first thing you do is inventory pieces.
Petra Petra
Nuts and bolts were all over the box, but everything was there and it is great now
Assembled easily, after gathering all the parts from inside the box where they scattered. Very pleased!
H2Cobra H2Cobra
HEAVY, But VERY Sturdy
At least it folds up. I believe that 1,000 lb. capacity. This thing is heavy-duty. I not only use it for welding/cutting but as a work table for woodworking too. And, any other project I have that needs more room than my workbench allows. The weight means that the table doesn't move around much while you are working. Guess I should stop complaining about the weight...
Rocky Rocky
Should have bought this sooner
This is a solid table. I am teaching myself to weld and this table made a big difference. Very satisfied with this purchase

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