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Phillip Sand Hansel II Phillip Sand Hansel II
Sweet tones
It’s everything I expected it to be. Sweet sounds. It requires some musical understanding to play specific tunes.
jmmm jmmm
this drum is perfect
I bought this as a gift perfect for drumming sessions
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
I brought it on sale
If u like these drums this is a must have it . I have about 12 of them,this was the last one I brought mostly because it was on sale ,good,you will be blown away . $19.94 red.
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Update to last review
Thank You!!!! IT CAME IN TODAY!!! One little boy is happy. The color is perfect. The sound is really easy on his ears. Hopefully, he will have years of enjoyment with this.
Malinda Kinney Malinda Kinney
Sounds so beautiful
My son absolutely loves this drum.
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
sounds amazing
I bought two this one is my favorite the other went back, sounds awesome! the tones are not pitchy at all. Love this!
Krista Summers Krista Summers
Soothing sounds, but why no note stickers?
This drum sounds lovely! Clear, soothing tones. Each tongue has a numbered sticker that is meaningless to me. Included are strips of equally meaningless numbered stickers. 1,2,3, three with a dot above it, 4,5,6,7, seven with a dot beneath it, etc.Why not musical notes? I'm using a tuner app to figure out what the tones are so we can tap out songs. Each tongue is adjustable for tuning, which is nice.That said, it sounds beautiful even when you tap randomly. The mallets are nice and bouncy, and you even get 4 little finger pads to play it that way. The metal has a nice hammered finish and is a good thickness, not flimsy.This is a nice, mid-sized and mid-priced tonal drum. Good value for what I paid. It doesn't feel "cheap", and none of the notes buzz or rattle.
Paula Fowler Paula Fowler
Too wonderful not to share
I am fascinated by this drum! It is a pleasure to play. I like so much that I have ordered one for my cousin as a gift. I know I will enjoy it for years to come. Thank you for a great product.
Margaret Meyer Margaret Meyer
My granddaughter loved it.
It isi small and portable
M. Nelson M. Nelson
great price, okay steel drum
I am happy with it, but the tone could be better. Can't beat the price.

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