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James Buttz James Buttz
Good lil heater
Cant wait to fire it up. Installation is easy. Put it in our little camper so we see how it does but like everything from vevor it will be great
Michael Caterino Michael Caterino
Truck heater
I purchased two of these 2k heaters to use for my Frontier crew cab, one as a spare, the other in a Apache case I can put out back and run in the two intake/blower hoses in the back slide window. Works Great.
Kain Kain
Works well
My only complaint is the exhaust tube is not long enough so would be nice if they offered more options. Burns diesel Burns oil/diesel Burns used oil/diesel mix
Scott Scott
1 year later
This is a simple design construction for user friendly application and max efficiency. Buying another for my cottage.
Joe Szirovicza Joe Szirovicza
Truck driver
Now this is a must have if you have a diesel vehicle. I installed it into the cab of my Volvo truck. Fitts right under the passenger seat. Blows the hot air right where its needed. I have the bump installed outside, so there is no noise. Installation may need a little cutting and drilling..... Very happy with it.
Work gets warm doesn't seem to put out 27000 btu or 8kw but it does the job will buy an other one
Michael Caterino Michael Caterino
Diesel heater
I own 5 Vevor diesel heaters, 2 in use, 3 for back up. They ALL work great, and the prices can't be beat. Heat my Garage and Basement easily, and cheaply. I haven't had a problem yet.
FSOverlanding FSOverlanding
Mega heater
This thing is a beast. It heat up the kids tent and mine without a struggle. Just don't go to the 5th or 6th settings, it's hottttt.
Ron Schneider Ron Schneider
Initial I had trouble keeping it running. I found it needs a dedicated 12 (battery) source Run great. It's in my shop now but, my pan is to heat my covered van.
Rebel Malm Rebel Malm
Great little heater
Works as it should..helped keep my 2 car garage warm through the winter..even at 10 below outside it stayed 50 degrees fahrenheit.

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