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Kevin Kevin
Great Price, Works Fantastically Well
Heater showed up quickly in an undamaged box via UPS. I took it straight out of the box, filled it with one gallon of diesel fuel, connected a battery and hit go. It immediately fired and began to produce a surprisingly hot amount of air in a matter of 3-5 minutes. A little bit of smoke on startup as expected but once fully ignited you can't even smell the fumes out of the exhaust, a seemingly very clean and complete combustion. In about one half hour it raised the temperature in my 30'x50' uninsulated shop by a few degrees with one of the three roll-up doors open. I'm very satisfied with this heater and look forward to continued use in my shop and also trying it out at deer camp next year. The thermostat is a bit basic compared to others I've seen on Youtube but it works well enough. I might decide to change it out for one with more features later on down the road but we'll see how things progress as time goes by. Contrary to what I've seen online, it appears that the manufacturers are listening and mine came with better fuel supply tubing instead of the cheap green floppy garbage. The fuel pump also isn't that noticeable to me but I'm not picky when it comes to things making noise. I can't seem to hear it over the noise of the heater running on full blast.
will will
diesel heater
we love it. it heats up our 40ft bunkhouse 5th wheel with ease. it was -13 out for 2 days with a wind chill of -50 and the camper stayed 70 degrees. have it hooked to a 10gal fuel cell and i fill it 0ne a week sometimes every 2 weeks. will buy a second one to heat my baby barn work shop
Shane Shane
Vevor diesel heater 8kw
Had some issues with shipping and shipping damage but Vevor took care of that. Over all this is a nice little heater, I ran it in my uninsulated 2 car garage to test it out a few times and it's not quite powerful enough to hear that but I plan on using it in my camper and based off what I saw it should handle that just fine. The controller it comes with takes some figuring out, it's disappointing that it won't just turn itself on and off but it will rp itself up and down. But overall very satisfied with this purchase.
Shane Morgan Shane Morgan
Diesel heater
Very easy to setup. Takes a few times to prime up but then fires right up. Puts out alot of heat. Instruction are really clear also. Works great. Very fuel effient.
johnM johnM
Vevor Heater
I got this heater to hopefully off set my electric heat costs. Unfortunately it is to small of a unit for my needs. It should heat a 10x10 or possible 1 car garage.
van barker van barker
Easy to use works great. Thank you. VB
harry johnson harry johnson
It's great
This thing works great,wish I had it last year,runs all night on a gallon of fuel,were as idling I'd burn 20,paid for itself the first week
Old Beekeeper Old Beekeeper
Fantastic Heater! Highly Recommended.
I own & operate a small Apiary so great values are a must in this business. I needed a heater to heat my shop for making beekeeping equipment this winter and this one defiantly fit the bill! Use this heater as directed with the proper fuel & you will not be disappointed! Remote start is a fantastic addition to this unit.
Steel gates for you Steel gates for you
Great product for the price
I've bought two of these, one for my semi,and one for my tractor, easy install,works great.
Joe Joe
A lot of heat for not a lot of money.
This little heater kicks out plenty of heat and burns very little fuel. It was easy to install and the simple control works perfectly.It takes a couple of minutes to start up & stabilize or cool down upon shutting off but it works very well for the money. Time will tell how well it holds up but after 2 months of continuous use it’s still working great.

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