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Tina Tina
Chicken lady
I think they're absolutely wonderful I am still putting them together wishing The netting was a little bit stronger but other than that they are awesome worth the money thank you so much
Very easy to assemble, no brainer. Sturdy metal frame with "slide & pop" assembly, much like camping pipes. Everything needed was in the package. The lattice was more than enough to cover the whole structure, but it is made of very thin covered wire. For $200 bucks, I was really interested in the structure. The mesh I will replace according to my standards. Honestly, I wanted an overhead cover because if big birds, but I am not leaving the chickens in it overnight, so I am not concerned about predator breaching. Thank you for offering this nice chicken run!
Wire mesh is a little weak
Very easy to assemble- I made extra braces-for frame- no problemMy chicken’s are happy
Audrey Audrey
Easy assembly and good size but crappy mesh
The coop was easy to assemble alone. It only took me a couple of hours by myself. The mesh wasn’t very sturdy and came apart in places. My dogs got through it in seconds and it had to be reinforced with chicken wire.
Larry B. Larry B.
Center pole not long enough for rain protection
Center pole for rain to drain off top is not long enough will have to do something or rain will damage tarp. Had to purchase real chicken wire and redo to keep unwanted animals out.
timothy hudson timothy hudson
Great setup for my chicken run
I looked lal over for something not real expensive that I could use as a chicken holding cage for my younger chickens until they could run with the larger ones. I came across this one and have not been disappointed. It's held up well and has done the job. It was real easy to put together or at least it was to me, I had it up in no time. It's containing my younger chickens very well.
bigkev bigkev
Chicken coop
Very easy to assemble, need 2 people. Follow directions or you will run out of wire.
Underneath it All Underneath it All
Good value for the money.
Everything was there, easy to put together! Lightweight netting and zip ties. I will buy it again!
Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
Use for chickens,bought better wire & tarp.good for the price,liked that poles locked together.
Arrived in 3 days ,poles were ok,locked together,assembled with no plastic coated wire was substandard(size of bread wrappers ties.Bought regular chicken wire & used stronger tarps as was for chicken pen, we have chioties here.made a winter house to existing pen.
Dana Rose Dana Rose
Easy assembly
It comes with the green chicken wire, we also used hardware wire over that for extra security , super easy to assemble, I did it alone and only took a short amount of time

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