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terrible product poor quality terrible product poor quality
very good quality product
very good quality product
ethan schultz ethan schultz
Train Horns Exceed Expectations
First impression opening the box wasn't too great one horn was dented and another had a hoke through it. But still was really hyped to instal these. Instalation was straight forward, just need time to run the wiring. These things are stupid loud. From the cab of my truck my ears were ringing! Gets plenty of attention!
Thomas Stark Thomas Stark
I love it would recommend to others I might get another one for my car also. It's a definitely a good buy
George Erb George Erb
These are the best
Sam Sam
Good value
My truck really needs such a horn. To be honest, the original horn may not be loud enough sometimes. Last time, it almost caused me a car accident. Fortunately, it's okay. This horn has a high decibel, and I feel like I bought the right one
dyinjmw70 dyinjmw70
VEVOR 150DB Train Horns Kit
If your going to mount this one a regular sized pick-up truck you'll probably be just fine. It is not meant for horn long blasts. But will get the other persons attention. If you over work the little air compressor you'll likely burn it up fast.
Jorge A. Castro Jorge A. Castro
Not that loud than looks like
This kit came all that you can need except the horn switch. Its easy to install. The air compressor its too loud and could be better if the installation kit were provide some rubber boots or washer to avoid the compressor vibration to the SUV. Its not too loud and sometimes not all the trumpets sound vigorously. Its not bad could be better. On construction quality and materials are very strong. I install it under the suv floor and resist water and mid very good.
Felix Albaladejo Felix Albaladejo
la gran atencion para conmigo y excelencia en el servicio
el producto es de bvuena calidad
Roger P Brower Roger P Brower
Good value
Good horns for the price. Mine have no air leaks so the compressor rarely needs to turn on
Kelvin Cornelio Arias Kelvin Cornelio Arias
llego justo a tiempo y buen precio del pedido gracias
llego justo a tiempo y buen precio del pedido gracias

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