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Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
Did the job.
Cj Cj
really good motor
it's a bit challenging to install because the MFG instructions are wrong; the wiring diagram on the actual motor is correct: for 115v: Black (power) goes to P1; T2, T4, T8 go to white (neutral); P2, T3 and T5 go together; Green grounds to body of motor. I purchased a switch POWERTEC 120V Magnetic Paddle Switch for it
Dunkel Dunkel
Verify rotation before adjusting wiring
Verify rotation before adjusting wiring. 110 wiring diagram is reversed I rewired and installed the motor only to find that it was correct to start with so I had to re-wire
Eric Eric
Old Craftsman table saw motor replacement
My Craftsman table saw was built in1965. I went with this instead of a Craftsman motor from eBay. I use dado stacks and molding heads on my table saw, so the step up in power was very noticeable. This motor is enclosed. Hopefully that will protect it from sawdust.It’s was easy to install, no extra brackets or hardware. Re-wiring the motor to spin in the right direction was easy. No electrical knowledge required.Will update this post if something changes.
Delivered as promised at competitive price.
Motor arrived on time, well packaged and in tact. Directions were clearly available, changed rotation for application on table saw, and I look forward to using it. The 1/2” knockout had to be drilled out, but no problems.
Gabriel Ross Gabriel Ross
Runs well!! No issues
Arrived on time, runs quiet and smooth like a charm. Really happy with this purchase. It is going to be retrofitted to fit my grandfathers original craftsman table saw. Glad I found a great motor that can be used to restore a piece of history from my family
T Berke T Berke
Tristan Berke. VERY impressed.
So far I have only been able to use this motor a bit but for the time I have used it, I have found it to be INCREDIBLE. It runs very quiet for such a powerful and fast motor, and it works like a charm on my belt grinder. The motor came to me before the scheduled date, and the packaging is phenomenal. There is NO way this thing could break during shipping with the way these guys packaged it. I cant recommend it enough.
Perry Roberts Perry Roberts
Works great on my table saw.
Motor arrived sooner than expected and was packaged very well. It bolted up to the mount on my craftsman contractor table saw without modifications. I had to change rotation to work on my saw, which was very easy to do, following the wiring diagram supplied, and printed on the motor casing. Once it was wired for my saw, I put it to use. It works as good if not better than the original motor. I will update in a month or so to let you know if it lasts. I would buy this motor again.
terry warner terry warner
Worked just fine
Good replacement for the tablesaw motor. Worked well out if the box, clear wiring instructions. No issue.
Ed Thompson Ed Thompson
works well
Easy to wire and works well. Been using it for about an hour so far. I'll edit this later if it has a problem.

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