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VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Solid replacement for my table saw motor
I got this for an old Craftsman table saw. It's working great. One weird thing to share with the wiring: there should be 8 wires labeled T1-T8. Mine had two T1s and no T6. Luckily the wires had already been loosely grouped (I assume for testing at the factory) so I was able to guess which wire was mislabeled.
David monarch David monarch
I like it.
Super easy to wire for CW or CCW rotation. Very quiet. Lots of power. Very pleased.
michael voss michael voss
a well made electric motor
The only beef I have with the Mophorn motor is the lettering on the motor for the wiring up of it is a little small. Other than that I am real happy with the performance of it!! Michael V
Piotr Piotr
good works welleasy to install
Jack in the Keys Jack in the Keys
I would buy this product again
Product arrived ahead of schedule and nicely packaged in a wooden box. I used the 1 1/2 hp motor to replace a 1 hp motor which was damaged in a 30 year old Sears Craftsman 10 inch table saw. I had to modify the wiring to change the rotation of the motor but that was pretty straight forward. The only negative is that the wiring instructions could have been a bit clearer and the labeling on the wires could be more legible, Needed a magnifying glass to make out the labeling. Seems to be a good price for what you get but I cant speak to its longevity having only recently installed it.
T Berke T Berke
Tristan Berke. VERY impressed.
So far I have only been able to use this motor a bit but for the time I have used it, I have found it to be INCREDIBLE. It runs very quiet for such a powerful and fast motor, and it works like a charm on my belt grinder. The motor came to me before the scheduled date, and the packaging is phenomenal. There is NO way this thing could break during shipping with the way these guys packaged it. I cant recommend it enough.
keith golden keith golden
directions on motor for reversing motor direction
works great on my RIDIGID TS3650 tablesaw
N. Harvey N. Harvey
Good Quality
Installed this on my lathe to replace an extremely old motor. The axle rotated the opposite direction as the old motor, and it spun much too fast for wood turning, but once I rebuilt the motor mount and geared the RPM way down, it has worked great. I've only been using it for about a week, but so far it hasn't struggled or overheated even when spinning relatively large bowl blanks that my old motor had trouble with.
david hoover david hoover
Buy It.
I tried motors I had laying around my shop in order to get my older Craftsman table saw working again. Even ones that were more horsepower! Don't waste your time unless you have a air compressor type motor if not buy this one because it works great.
Andrew Andrew
Mislabeled wires upon receipt
Someone at the factory placed 2 "T1" labels on the wires, then paired the two sets of wires incorrectly (Swapping the T1 for the T2). Took some time to figure out which wire went where. Once wired correctly it started up without issue. Hoping I didn't cause long term damage to the motor or capacitors due to the factory error.The fan housing was also dented upon receipt, but that is a minor issue compared to the wiring snafu.
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