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Mike Worth Mike Worth
Owner operator
I am very impressed with the heat press.Multiple options included. Easy to use and a great price for the equipment. I would recommend it to my friends.
Thiago Ricci Thiago Ricci
The machine is pretty cheap and easy to use, maybe can help someone who is just starting with a little budget, but to be honest is not good quality, doesn’t apply good even pressure on the plate I had to repress couple times to make the print look better into the garment, its is pretty small compared to others heat presses is no much room to move things around, you can’t swing away very well without having the power cord getting in the way, the hat press adapter is not good, I pressed a hat and left a mark on the top front of the hat, doesn’t look a big deal if the hat was for myself, but when you selling the hat you don’t want any defects on it, customer is paying for a clean product. I tried to message customer service and they got back to me saying that nothing is wrong with the hat, but it is a mark on it and it wasn’t there before I pressed. I haven’t try the mug press yet, so not sure how that does.
Customer Service Reply: Dear customer ,
Sorry for the inconvenience has caused to you .

You can contact customer service for support, and we are always working on improving product quality.
Any questions,welcome to contact us !

Best regards,
Blyth Greg Blyth Greg
Logistics evaluation
The delivery is fast, the package is also very tight, and there is no damage.
Hossain Md Rubel Hossain Md Rubel
The delivery was so fast, it arrived the next day after placing the order.
Cyr Derrick Cyr Derrick
logistic issue
Received the package, the packaging is perfect, very satisfied.
Andy Robinson Andy Robinson
I am very satisfied with the customer service.
I am very satisfied with the customer service. I have answered all the questions about the product before buying.
Nahid Chalk Nahid Chalk
The effect of ironing is very clear.
The quality is very good, and the effect of ironing is very clear.
James Ron James Ron
The use is very convenient.
The operation is simple and the use is very convenient.
Tyborowski Dariusz Tyborowski Dariusz
Service rating
There was a quality problem in the use of the product, and the customer service was also contacted to get a timely solution.
Waters Heather Waters Heather
The quality of the heat press machine is excellent, and the printed pictures are very firm.
It took a while to evaluate. The quality of the heat press machine is excellent, and the printed pictures are very firm.

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