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Michael Brackett Michael Brackett
made it's money back the first day
works wonderful for stripping all sizes of wire i love it
Stefan Stefan
Preis Leistung Super
AbisolierMaschine ist Super für 380 mit Ersatzmaterialien und mehrere Arten von Durchführungen.Ein Nachteil bzw. Ein Tipp, nur ein Kabel nach dem anderen.
Dale E Bauer Dale E Bauer
No Blue
Amazing unit, don't know how I went so long with one of these.
No complaints from me yet and I've run over 200 pounds of copper wire through it that first night o had it
Andrew Smet Andrew Smet
Better than expected give the price.
I've tried other "single stream" wire strippers with less than desirable results. This is a well-put-together machine. My only criticism so far is that I had to make some slight modifications to be able to run 4/0 copper wire through it. If it wasn't for that, I'd give it 5 stars. Now just need to see how it holds up.
Evan Evan
Bought this as I’m in my apprentice phase of my career and got some wire for my “bonus” to scrap for extra money. Saw many other vevor products but they were pretty pricey for starting out. I love being able to use a drill to spin the blade instead of having to use the hand crank. Only thing I still can’t figure out is the wire guides. I tried multiple times but after a few feet it will push the wire to one side of the other and not cut the insulation. It says I can move the blade but I haven’t been able to figure that out as well. Even with those issues using your hand to guide the wire and just removing the wire guide you can move the wire to where you need to have it be cut by the blade. I feel for the price it definitely is worth the initial investment as you will make the money back in no time. If anyone at vevor sees this post and would like to help me figure out the wire guide as well as the blade not staying in one spot while cutting I would love the help as it would make stripping the wire that much more eaiser. Otherwise it’s still a great product and much faster than any other method I’ve found so far! Only other thing I would love to see on this is some way to determine the blade depth for certain wire gauges. Personally I have used a sharpie to make a line on the bolt above the nut used to set the blade depth and works pretty well. I think that is all you really need. Then just write in the manual what lines from top to bottom or vise versa is used for that certain gauge. Have and will keep recommending vevor strippers to all my buddies in the eletrical business!
Lesley Guerrero Lesley Guerrero
No Aqua Blue 1.5-30 mm 40 W
Worth buying
This product is amazing, helps me peel runs of copper really fast and does the job :D
Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
No Blue 1.5-30 mm 40 W
Great value
Much better than my first wire stripper. Works great and can’t beat the price
Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
No Blue 1.5-30 mm 40 W
This product was well worth the investment
This product was great quick and easy to use and well worth the money spent. It has easy adjusting and pulls wire fast at about 75 feet per minute. And will turn your insulated wire into bright shiny copper with in seconds. It will help you Put cash In your pocket quickly. And was well worth my investment. I give this product a five star out of five.
Delbert Robinson Delbert Robinson
No Blue 1.5-30 mm 40 W
Easy to use stripping wire very quickly and good
K Wainwright K Wainwright
No Blue 1.5-30 mm 40 W
Would buy again!
Great Product, definitely worth buying if you have much copper wire to strip.

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