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Drew Collom Drew Collom
I have been using this wire stripper for over a month now. I think the most amazing thing is that I’m still amazed by the machines quality of build and ability to perform as stated or better. If one man was feeding a sec fast as he could two men could not keep up on the other side. One issue I had was the pull-up on the motor shaft came loose and would not retighten with the jetway provided. Turns out after some precise measurements the key way taper was reversed I simply drilled and tapped the pulley and installed with a set screw problem was fixed and we’ve been at it ever sunset. Now the only problem is finding enough wire to strip. I highly recommend this piece of equipment not for a homeowner version but for entry level industrial.
Wingtour Wingtour
This unit works very nicely for the price range. easy to set up and so far has worked as advertised.
Isaac Isaac
Blown away by the quality for the price. I would have expected this to cost twice as much. Works as described and looking forward to years of increased profits from processing scrap wire before recycling. Thanks Vevor!
Tyler hedden Tyler hedden
Wire stripping machine
Works awesome! Just make sure you get sharp kinks out of the wire first. Also, cut a few test strips when you are adjusting tension. Too tight will turn the wire into two inch long needles. Overall it’s a money maker!
Tim F. Tim F.
So far I like how it operates, however; on larger stranded wire the outer insulation tends to jam up and you practically have to take it apart to un jam it! It could also have a diverter of some sort to pull the discarded insulation away from the wire as it’s being stripped!
Alan Alan
as all tools it has its flaws but from a stripping wire stand point it is way faster than doing it by hand highly recommend
Jupiter Ravage Jupiter Ravage
This stripper works great!
I was able to strip 112 lbs of welding cable in three hours, right out of the box.
Quacc Quacc
Its perfect for scrappers!
I love this thing. It has saved me SO much time. It even came with an extra blade. But I've run plenty of wires through it and haven't needed to replace it yet.
J.L.'NubZ' J.L.'NubZ'
Wish I had bought this long ago. Worth every penny!
So happy I didn’t waste my money on a cheap knock off. IT is built solid and is extremely simple to adjust and operate. I was able to strip enough wire the first afternoon I used it to pay it off. It even did the trick for several hundred feet of old romex that wouldn’t peel apart by hand. It is by far an asset to have on the workbench.
Mark Mark
No Aqua Blue
Great product very happy
Just as described I would recommend thank you again

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