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Byron Byron
2 or 3 step
Assembly instruction not very detailed but adequate. Easy to assemble and very sturdy. I will have to order another to match up the other side.
Rick Peterson Rick Peterson
Great product. I can't tell you how many compliments I have received. The handrail is sturdy and looks great.
Hangman Hangman
Real wrought iron top rail.
They were easy to install in our concrete stoop. I bought an extra set to extend for the top of the stoop. By cutting the two sets and welding them together to make one whole railing, they came out great. I thing the company should sell a set like that to do that same thing. Only a thought and check it out in the pics.
Paula Paula
These railings are wonderful. They are very sturdy, well made and very attractive. The quality is excellent and far exceeds any railing you would purchase at your local chain hardware/lumber store. There is no comparison.
Behrendt Behrendt
They worked perfectly. I installed them on new concrete steps 3 weeks after they were poured. Used a 10 mm SDS drill for the mounting holes. Very sturdy. Just what we needed.
Richard Gilley Richard Gilley
Ricky home improvement
This handrail was a lot stronger than I thought. Hardly no movement at all. Happy with this product
The rails installed very well and are very stable. They look nice at the front of our house. Did have to cut the height down to be at a comfortable height.
Bill Bill
Really beautiful finished product. Lots of compliments on how beautiful and sturdy it is. The most difficult part of this project is drilling mounting holes into concrete/masonry/brick. You absolutely need masonry bits, and while a hammer drill isn’t 100% necessary, it will help you drill the eight needed holes much more quickly/easily. I recommend purchasing a set of sleeve anchors separately; the kit comes with some, but I didn’t care for them at all; my Hillman sleeve anchors (costing less than $15 separately) works much, much better for me. Do not worry that most other sleeve anchors will protrude a tad more as you tighten them down. The finish cap will cover the anchors entirely. The included “instructions” are mostly a couple exploded diagrams showing what screw goes where; do not expect them to provide any guidance on what size masonry bit to use (3/8”). There will be a LOT of brick/concrete dust in the holes that needs to be blown out or vacuumed out. An N95 mask would be a good idea when blowing out or vacuuming the dust, as you do not want to inhale it. I recommend assembling (loosely) the balusters to the top and bottom rails, but let things swing freely so that it’s easy to line everything up once your posts are firmly locked down to the top and bottom step. Due to some unevenness on one of my steps, I had to use a couple extra washers under one of the posts so that it would still be level when locked down. If you’re like me, you will be impressed with how nice the finished railing looks and how solid it feels. I’m very happy with my purchase.
Papanorm Papanorm
Excellent Handrail Set
Easy to assemble and install on my deck stairs. They lost a star because both sets had open bag of harware and missing nuts and washers. Fortunately i had some to replace but not black.
Shawn Moline Shawn Moline
Bought these for my neighbor who is elderly and needed help with installing garage and front porch rails. There were cheaper options available but these are worth the extra money because they feel much more sturdy. The install was very easy, I did with the help of my 14 year old son. I won’t be buying any other handrails in the future as the need arises.

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