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Mechy Mechy
Functional, easy to adjust and easy to assemble. No legitimate complaints. I wish it were a bit more sturdy and solid, but it works.
Marie-Rose Gauthier Marie-Rose Gauthier
Good sturdy table
Using this table for sewing and serger machine. It's stable. I like the electric and USB panel.
Tyler Tyler
Pretty good
Pretty solid work bench, no complaints so far
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Nice Table - but structurally compromised. Be careful how you use it!
These are nice tables. The integration of a power strip (with USB charging ports) on the end is a very thoughtful addition. I purchased 4 of these for use in my shop.However... It amazes me that the legs on these tables DO NOT HAVE any lateral bracing! The only thing keeping these tables from collapsing (like a trapezoid) is a couple of small wood screws and a couple of bolts at the very top of the legs. Front-to-Rear these are fine but side-to-side there is a major stability issue. To make matters worse, the ones I ordered have wheels. Now you are just asking for trouble if you are pushing the table around (short side first), hit a seam or snag in the floor, and the whole table will collapse.Its interesting to note that there are holes on the legs which would seam to be able to accommodate some sort of lateral struts. While the legs should actually be stabilized to the table-top with some sort of triangular brace (for maximum stability), I chose to run two pieces of 1-1/2 angle iron between the center supports on both sets of legs. (A triangular strut from the legs to the tabletop would unfortunately inhibit access under the table). While not as structurally sound as a triangular brace, tying the two side structures (legs) together improves the situation immensely. Plus, I can then use the two additional pieces of angle iron (running side to side under the table top) as a support to add a lower shelf on each table.Its a shame such a nice table is structurally compromised by an incomplete design. Its fine as long as you have some sort of a way to provide lateral bracing for the table - or you do not intend on putting anything heavy on the table. However, if you really want to use the table to its full potential then you will need to add some additional bracing to the legs to keep them from folding over.
Beautiful table
Glad this was narrow and adjustable! It is great. Love it
S. Furst S. Furst
High-quality workbench
It's always nice when you purchase a product that ends up better than you anticipated. This is really a high-quality, sturdy table with adjustable height legs -- perfect for a workshop or even office use. Table came well-packaged (survived UPS unscathed), assembly was easy and (always a nice benefit) the manufacturer included extra screws and nuts just in case. The locking swivel casters are beefy and high quality and the attached power strip is perfect and comes with a long cord.Beats anything I could find at Home Depot or Lowes and at a much better price.
Austin Austin
Amazing desk for the price.
Using this as a computer desk, ikea wants $300+ for a similar solid wood desk. This is just as nice for half the price!
Norm Norm
Perfect for Small Spaces!
Had less than 55��� of space. This worked perfect! Went together in a snap and is pretty sturdy. Would be nice to have had a bit more solid of leg extension connections.
Brad Brad
Business Owner
Excellent workbench for our food truck! After ordering one, we ordered two more. The tallest height is perfect for a standing work table.
Ayoma Ritade Ayoma Ritade
A little hard to adjust on the go.
Good work desk for small projects. A little hard to adjust height, but I don't need to adjust it very often so I can't complain too much.

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