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VEVOR Adjustable Workbench, 48" L X 24" W Garage Worktable with Universal Wheels, 28-39.5" Heights & 2000 LBS Load Capacity, with Power Outlets & Hardwood Top & Storage & Foot Pads, for Office Home

Customer Reviews for VEVOR Adjustable Workbench, 48" L X 24" W Garage Worktable with Universal Wheels, 28-39.5" Heights & 2000 LBS Load Capacity, with Power Outlets & Hardwood Top & Storage & Foot Pads, for Office Home

48 x 24 inch

Customer Reviews

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Doug O Doug O
Great product
I purchased this workbench to provide the portability of working in my garage. The bench was easy to install. It is a very sturdy product with the capability of having the workbench in a stationary position of on casters. I used the casters and found the portability a major convenience. I highly recommend this product for durability, sturdiness and good craftsmanship.
T-BoneShine T-BoneShine
Great Table!
Great Table. Easy to assemble, I replaced the short 3/8\" screws with 3/4\" wood screws for better strength.
Andres Andres
Nice and sturdy
The work bench is impressively robust. Despite my initial doubts, it has proven to be a reliable and stable surface for all my projects. Its solid construction gives me confidence that it can handle various tasks with ease. Hooks Could Be Stronger. While the bench itself is excellent, the hooks included are not as strong as I had hoped. They work fine for lighter tools, but anything heavier may cause issues. This is a minor drawback considering the overall quality of the bench. Despite the hooks, this work bench is a solid buy. It's versatile and dependable, making it a valuable addition to any workspace. The kit was missing one extension leg when it arrived, but the seller was very cooperative and resolved the issue promptly.
Kenneth Sloan Kenneth Sloan
This is an industrial strength and quality bench. Assembly was easy enough, until the time came to flip it upright. Two very strong backs are required! The power strip is a nice touch. a bonus, there was a bag of peg-board clips included in the box. Now, I suppose I have to install a peg-board.
Rob M Rob M
Great Product!
This is a great table, very sturdy, easy to assemble, and I love the fact that it can be adjusted in height. It's heavy duty and the pads as well as the casters are great and comes with both. It was a little pricey. Once I built a backboard and installed pegboard it is the ultimate setup for my gun building table, along with the table vise I purchased from this company. Dislikes, it was shipped in the thinnest, cheapest cardboard box and looked as if the box had been wet and dried out several times, with both ends of the box falling apart and the table hanging out of the end. The box on the inside with the pads and wheels for the legs even had a hole ripped in it with the wheels hanging out of that box. Luckily the table had no damage on the top side, all the scratches were on the bottom! For the price, you guys need to do better with your packaging cardboard materials and buy a thicker grade, and a thicker foam padding!
Debra Diewald Debra Diewald
This is one of three of these benches that I've purchase from Vevor. I purchased one, got one for my daughter-in-law, then got another. I just love them.Highly recommend.
Stephen Stephen
Good value
Good value for the money. Once leveled it’s pretty sturdy.
Placeholder Placeholder
This is a nice workbench the only complaint I have is the adjustable legs are a bit loose compared to other brands.
Curtis Curtis
A Must
The VEVOR Adjustable Workbench is a must have for any crafting specialist. I purchased 2 of the 48” workbenches for my laser engraving and 3d print services. Extremely easy and quick assembly of quality parts. The ability to adjust for height is key for my material storage. The crazy amount of weight this workbench supports leaves me with great confidence to have valuable hefty pieces of equipment placed on top. The power supply included in this workbench design is well thought out. I like having the option to have locking casters. Makes it very easy to move around my workspace access back panels for maintaining my equipment. This is a very stylish workbench that I highly recommend, So much so that I ordered a 3rd bench.
CatVert68 CatVert68
Solid product, good value
Excellent work bench.

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