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Tim Tim
Five Stars
Run true to +/- .002 No vibration at 6000 rpm's (max speed on my Haas)
Mike Mike
Good buy
Well worth the money
Gary Pfantz Gary Pfantz
good product
worked good holding drills
Doyll Doyll
Very useful for a low price.
This is a decent drill chuck. I bought it to use as a dedicated chuck for a drill. The runout is acceptable. I use the drill before following it with a tap. The location is not extremely critical.I would have given this a five star, but the tool arrived with some very small dings on the taper. I lightly stoned them off, and I have had not issues.I would buy this again.
AmazonCustomer AmazonCustomer
Good quality Smooth operation
Very good quality for the price I have a small shop and these were perfect for me.
Lindy Atwell Lindy Atwell
Works for my needs
This product worked as advertised. I used it in my haas vf2. I use it to hold drill bits on parts where the tolerance is not a big deal. I have not checked parts off the machine to see what the accuracy is but all have been within what was needed. It seats in the spindle just fine and have had no issues with tool changes. I don’t give five stars because nothing is perfect.
Ben Ben
Highly accurate
My experience with these Collets are extremely positive they fit perfectly and our machine excellent.
Tim F. Tim F.
Pretty good for the price point
I’ve seen this question asked a lot. So here’s the answer. I closed the jaws all the way and they fully close. It held a .010 gage pin just fine. Runout with a .200 pin was .001 TIR, and with a .5 pin it read .0055 TIR. The retention knob fit a haas VF2 with no problems. Rotating by hand to clamp down provides plenty of holding power for smaller drills, but I would use the spammer for anything over 5/16. Bearings feel decent, not rough. At this price, buy a couple.
Wyatt Koppy Wyatt Koppy
Works fine in my haas mini mill. Good for the price.
Bryan Moosman Bryan Moosman
Amazing Tool Holders
I was super impressed by these toolholders. An amazing balance of quality, standard tool selections and price. The finish on these is amazing, and everything fits together very well.Unfortunately, I need to return them. CAT40 was an optional upgrade for my machine and the seller I bought it from was misinformed on the size. Really wishing there was an equivalent package for BT40, - this seller would have my money instantly. Unfortunately, the selection for BT40 tool holders is challenging at best.I'd heartily recommend these to anyone who has a CAT40 machine with no regrets.

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