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VEVOR 4Pcs CAT40 Tool Holder ER16 Collet Chuck Set length 100mm Chuck Tool Holder Set Mill Holder for CNC Engraving Machine Milling Lathe(4Pcs CAT40 ER16 100mm)

Customer Reviews for VEVOR 4Pcs CAT40 Tool Holder ER16 Collet Chuck Set length 100mm Chuck Tool Holder Set Mill Holder for CNC Engraving Machine Milling Lathe(4Pcs CAT40 ER16 100mm)

4 Pieces

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Honey Badger Honey Badger
Nice machining and very solid, no slop whatsoever.
Steve Steve
Run true, nice selection of holders, collets and tools
Bought 2 sets of these, I am running on a Haas Mini mill, no vibrations at my max RPM of 6000. I have not measured for runout as most of my work is general tolerance and even a few thousandths would not matter, but they produce good dimensional accuracy and have a nice slip fit on the solid holders. With the variety of solid holders, range of collets, shell mill arbor and drill chuck this provides a nice selection for tool setups.
Nick Nick
Machine shop owner
I bought these to mainly be used on a lesser used machine in the shop, I really didn't expect them to be anything great but for the cost I didn't figure I could go too wrong. I was actually pretty impressed by the holders, the endmill holders all had less that .0004" of runout and the er holders and collets all had less than .0005" of run out. The only holder I was not impressed with was the keyless chuck, it has up to .010" of runout at certain diameters when checked with gauge pins. This entire set cost less than a name brand set of just the collets so overall it is a great value and I would recommend it.
kevin perkins kevin perkins
Good deal!
Arrived in good condition, seemed like a really fair price for all that I received. I particularly like how each is individually contained in a plastic case, I intend to keep them in those. I'm not experienced in machining, but I'm happy with the purchase.
George Gest George Gest
Can't see a thing wrong with them
Good value, they work as they should.
Ham Radio Guy Ham Radio Guy
I love these checks, you get what you pay for and they're good enough.
I own a welding shop in Derby Kansas and I own three of these chucks. They run mostly R&D work in my Haas CNC mill. Well yes of course they have some run out but it's not excessive. Your mileage may vary and the run out will probably vary depending on what day of the week and the temperature of the Chinese Sweatshop these were made in. Fact of the matter is, it's a bargain price cat 40 chuck and if that's what you want it does a great job at this price point. If you're running Aerospace parts on a million dollar machine you're definitely not looking at drill chuck that cost less than $100 on amazon. These are perfect for using with Edge Finders and general drilling applications. If you need to be that spot on then invest in a quality chuck or collet holder.
Keith Keith
product is great but packaging broke open shipper had to rebag and relabel
When the package arrived the box was broke open and shipper had to repackage with clear bag and note to make sure all items were in bag. The retention knob was missing but I don't need them for my machine. other than that it is a great product.
Bill Cook Bill Cook
Very Happy
I've used two of collets, and am very satisfied with their quality.
BButorac BButorac
Love this set.
I’m not a machinist, I wanted a collet system for my new Nova DVR drill press. I tried them with some light machine work to make a couple of vise clamping heads, worked good.
anthony anthony
Great value
As an addition to my tool collection, works great. I may buy another set.

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