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kareem kareem
easy to set up
didnt even need a manual to set it up.. fully functional.. sturdy material and it looks like it holds a bit more or maybe because its like the same material as a blow up bed.. picture a blowup bed that u know wont break on u type of material. comes with everything and more strings for tieing it in place and patches.. impressed but im a vevor man myself/
Diana Diana
Absolutely Wonderful
I have been loving my rain barrel. Easy to setup and very durable. Easy to fill water containers and connect external hose. Highly recommend.
Nick G Nick G
Overall good
So I received this. It is exactly as it shows. Super easy to set up. There's sleeves that the poles that hold it up go through. My only complaint is the holes on the top that catch the water are a little big for mosquitoes to get in. I'm worried they will nest inside this thing. Also, they stand up on there own but I feel like a high wind will knock an empty rain catcher over. So you have to fill up the bottom a 1/4 tap water to get it started.
Tracy Tracy
I bought it (Order Number:23081600990216503873) on Aug. 16 2023. I works well at first, but the seal opened on three sticks within one month. Can it be returned ? Thanks
Customer Service Reply: Dear customer,

We are sorry to hear that you had an unpleasant shopping experience.

If the product you purchased has quality problems, please contact the after-sales personnel of our website.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Best regards,
Looks great. I had not the chance to prove it yet, due to came with out the poke base. I am waiting for them to come. Besides that it look sturdy and acceptable construction.
Customer Service Reply: dear customer, we are sorry to hear that the poke base was missing, we noticed that you've contacted our customer service team, they will arrange the replacement of the poke base to you, hope you will get it ASAP.
ads26 ads26
good over all
Barrel is good over all so far. Not sure I believe that it is 100 gallons, when it is about the same size as the 50 gallon rain barrels that I already have. It will be good for being portable, and I like that it has 2 valves on it. The bottom valve comes with garden hose quick connect male attachment on it. Don't leave empty and flat on the ground as the poles will warp. Had 2 barrels with warped poles because the barrel blew over before they filled up. Also the bottom feet are not strong and most of mine are cracked already, and it has only been 1 month.
AZRichard AZRichard
I bought two 100 gallon barrels intending to daisy chain together. That proved to be not so straightforward because the barrels are symmetrical, so the plumbing was more involved than if the overflow outlets could be positioned on either side of the barrel. But got it done in time for Hurricane Hilda. We only got about 1/4" but that amounted to 80 gallons. Now the Big Question is: what to do about the stuff growing in the barrel? I fear if open the top something will reach out and pull me in! [8^) I was pleased to find patching material in the box. And you definitely want to check the tightness of all the spigots and overflow.
Sr Mary Sr Mary
Rain Barrel
So far, so good. I'm happy with this purchase! I will have all together almost 300 gallons of water for garden/emergency use. I'm hoping for these rain barrels to last a while. They are easy to assemble and seem to become more sturdy as they fill up with water. I'm hoping that Vevor looks into selling attachment hoses for the run off valve on top and the very bottom one too. Thank you for the great pricing and fast delivery.
Ian Ian
Home stead
Love these rain barrels. I have used the 55gallon blue containers in the past, but these have all the goodies, overflow valves, easy access, two out put ports. Only one issue, one of the seems for the orange posts split. But overall I would highly recommend over other products and they are 200 gallon compared to 55 gal. I like them so much I bought 4
James Stillwell James Stillwell
Great product. Bought two of them. As advertised. We have had so much rain here. And now I have 200 gallons of water to use on my yard. Can't go wrong with this product.

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