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Brooks K Carr Brooks K Carr
Great product, lives up to promises. Had an issue with a part and it was replaced promptly. Works great. The manual is a little hard to understand. Some of the parts have sharp edges that can cut, but if you're careful, no problems.
RTatum RTatum
Good product but company missing parts
I was missing silicon tubing and contacted vevor. They said since I bought it from Amazon, although packaged by them, they couldn’t send me the missing parts, so I was forced to buy these parts separately.
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Jason See Jason See
Vevor Electric Brew
Works great! Very easy to use. Gets up to mash temp very quick and moves on to boil temp in no time. Recirculating pump works great. Huge bonus if the hop spider. Build quality is solid and control panel is easy to us. Very easy to clean.
Ryan R Anderson Ryan R Anderson
Machine is awesome.
Bub Bub
I like the machine over all, but support is nonexistant. When I set it up I found that one of the knobs for the lid was not threaded so I requested a replacement and have not received it yet. Had to use one off a pot from the kitchen. Also, I just brewed my third batch and already the thermostat has gone out. She went right on past 151 to 159 before I shut down and waited for the temp to come back to 150. Same thing at the boil. Got to watch close.
Great product at an awesome price! Compares to the big boys. It is actually rebranded but made by one of the big names.
Joao Joao
I brewed only once with this and I liked it. It's of good quality. There are two drawbacks though. The controller is not very intuitive, I had to read the manual every time I needed to use it and It doesn't allow more than 2 mash temperatures.
Gregory Maksymowicz Gregory Maksymowicz
extremely satisfied
very pleased with how fast this boiling pot heats up I would recommend this item
Jeffrey Jones Jeffrey Jones
Great equipment
Use it 3-5 times a week. Works great.
Kris Kris
Works well
I like nearly everything about it.

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