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Jb Jb
Great Melting Furnace
This is my first one and so far it's been really fun and a learning experience for me. Aside from the propaner connector needing an adapter to fit to my 5ga tank there were no Issue.
Ken Ken
i Have are a 10 kg and a 6 kg they are both very good 10 kg heat faster than 6 melted over 500 lbs of copper 50lbs of brass 50 lbs aluminum they are both still good kao wool in rough shape but still working cheaper to buy new smelter than to buy kao wool over all they are great for the price don't use the gloves that come with it they are good for weeding thistles
Timothy Southard Timothy Southard
I'm happy with it.
This is a small one. But it works well. I smelted nineteen ingots My first run. I used about two thirds of a grill Propane tank. Once I got the thing hot (about fifteen minutes) It went really well. I was about six hours at it. It was hot enough to melt copper tubing out of my hand. I used a stick of half inch copper as a stirring stick and it melted at about one inch per second. It's probably 3000 degrees. I had to order my own refractory cement. Which was kind of a chore. Because you have to coat the blanket with refractory cement. I just bought a tub at the hardware store. I spent twenty five dollars on that, but it was a good investment. The product comes with some refractory cement but I would recommend picking some up. Because it saves the thermal blanket. After six hours of continuous use, the thermal blanket is in perfect condition. Because I coated it heavily with refractory cement. It actually got hot enough to Soften my crucible. After five hours, I pulled a little chunk off the crucible while lifting it out of the kiln. It's plenty hot. All in all I give it an A+. It is exactly what I wanted to smelt my scrap wire and copper tubing into ingots.
Amish Militant Amish Militant
Well constructed. Great price. Shouldn’t have to use one hundred characters to complete, some of us do not usual do not do reviews. But these were a great price and very well constructed. But the insulation is a bit lacking. I bought the ceramic coating “ kind of like plaster” to cover the kaowool.
Patrick thomas Patrick thomas
Good little unit.
It does what it is intended to do. Spend a little money and buy some ridgidsizer before you coat it with fire cement
Caroline Caroline
Very easy to setup and worked well
Cherry Cherry
As advertised great product
Excellent packing, easy Assembling and operation.
James Phillips James Phillips
Business owner
Came in really fast nothing was broken in excellent condition. Haven't had time to use yet due to a lot of jobs piling up on me.
Ricky G Scales Ricky G Scales
Metal foundry
This item works great. Heat up very fast we had a block of aluminum melted in minutes. We have had a lot of fun with this.
Louie Louie
Head smelter
The actual smelting process with the equipment works just fine. Preparing the refractory cement and applying it leaves a lot to be desired. The coating cracked and began to fall apart on the first use. After several uses, I purchased new insulation and cement, and I am in the process of re-coating the smelter.

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