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VEVOR Propane Melting Furnace 6KG, 2462°F Metal Foundry Furnace Kit - Graphite Crucible and Tongs, Casting Melting Smelting Refining Precious Metals Like Gold Silver Aluminum Copper Brass Bronze

Customer Reviews for VEVOR Propane Melting Furnace 6KG, 2462°F Metal Foundry Furnace Kit - Graphite Crucible and Tongs, Casting Melting Smelting Refining Precious Metals Like Gold Silver Aluminum Copper Brass Bronze

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Phil Phil
I've poured over a hundred aluminum ingots and I'm very happy (over 1,500 F for those). I also poured four copper ingots - it reached 2,150 F for those. Be sure to put a piece of cardboard beneath the crucible each time. I'm not using the firebrick - they give you two, a square one for upright crucible work, and a rectangular one for laying-on-the-side forge work. I had to take apart and clean the nozzles, as one of them had debris particles and was flaming out.
Norbert Volny Norbert Volny
Great furnace with a huge crucible. Works as advertised heats up fast and can smelt like crazy. Only downside is the top insulation tends to sag leaving the thin top metal not protected. Hasn't burnt through yet but most probably wil
Alex Alex
Outstanding product for price
Outstanding performance everything works as intended I used it a handful of times to melt copper easy to use easy to maintain all you need Is some refractory cement and you’re ready to rock ‘n’ roll?
Josh Josh
Beginning blacksmith
Great start off for the beginner blacksmith I have recommended this site to many who have asked questions. Foundry is really good quality and can’t wait to try it out.
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Cheap but awesome furnace
I recently purchased this furnace and have found it to be quite impressive overall. It operates efficiently and meets the expectations set by its description. The assembly process was straightforward, which I greatly appreciated as it allowed for quick setup and usage. The furnace itself appears to be robust and durable, giving a sense of reliability for long-term use. However, I encountered some issues that are worth noting. The tongs provided with the furnace do not effectively grip the crucible, making it challenging to safely pour out liquid, melted metal. This is a significant concern as it affects the usability of the furnace in practical scenarios. Additionally, the quality of the crucible itself is disappointing. Its construction feels substandard, which raises concerns about its ability to withstand repeated use, especially under high heat. The fragility of the crucible makes it difficult to handle confidently with the tongs provided, as there is a constant fear of breakage. Despite these drawbacks, considering the price point of $100, the furnace still represents a good value for money. It delivers satisfactory performance for basic melting tasks and could be a viable option for those on a budget. Overall, I am pleased with the purchase, though I would recommend potential buyers to be prepared for the possibility of needing to invest in a higher-quality crucible and more effective tongs to fully utilize this furnace safely and effectively.
Tyler Lehman Tyler Lehman
Best purchase I have bought in a long time.
I am more then pleased with the forge/smelter and the cutting till I purchased from your online website. The prices were both great. So great that I expected cheap junky products. But there items i recieved are fantastic, strong, and durable. They work great and they look great too. I am a forever customer now. Great company, thank you.
GuyWhoBuys GuyWhoBuys
Its gucci af
Nick Nick
Cardboard under crucible.
Always put cardboard piece under crucible it will help from crucible from sticking.
William D. Middleton William D. Middleton
What a furnace
After using a variety of home made charcoal powered furnace to do my metal work for nearly 20 years, I tried this gas powered model. It's a game changer. Melts metal fast (I work mostly with bronze), very easy to use, and no mess. I don't think I'll ever bother with charcoal again, except maybe to show students how difficult it is in comparison. Next purchase is the 12 kg model.
zachary weems zachary weems
Great setup
I love this forge the only problem ive had so far is the lid warpped after using it to melt a bunch of copper since the temp needs to be higher but thats is mainly my fault

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