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Rob Rob
I bought this to just melt down aluminum cans, but find myself using it for more. I did a coat of refractory cement, which just adds another layer of insulation. Everything was good quality, although the gloves didn't last very long, I'd pick up a pair of higher quality gloves with a fire rating.
Phillip Sand Hansel II Phillip Sand Hansel II
The forge melts aluminum quite well. The gloves are inadequate heat shields for the hands. The “ingot mold”, it too small for anything other than gold. I had to buy a realistic sized one independently. Both the firebrick and the crucible arrived cracked. Despite limitations, it is a low cost way to get in to melting metals.
Tim R. Tim R.
Good product
What i like is the furnace heats quickly. What i did not like was there was No set up instrctions it's best guess.
Zachary benedix Zachary benedix
Quality product and easy to use
My product is slightly different than the one pictured above. My gas regulator does not have a gauge, but the new one simplifies the use of adjusting the gas. My regulator just has a knob that will open and close and more you open it, the bigger the flame and hotter it gets. It was easy to adjust the gas and the air intake to the desired temperature. I had it running continuously for over an hour and melted 5 crucibles full of aluminum. The stainless steel did not discolor like the previous painted black versions. The hinge heated up and distorted slightly, while wearing my heavy gloves I was able to adjust the lid to align and close fully. I'm very pleased with this product and would definitely buy it again.
Well built product and easy to assemble.
Package arrived in good shape with all the parts and assembled easily. I am new to casting so I am not sure the volume of metals yet but my first try was a success with a 1 kg ingot of aluminum using just cans. I heated this furnace up until it glowed red inside and after cooling it showed no visible wear other than a few brown marks, so It appears this will last a long time.
Rickey McCreless Rickey McCreless
Goes great with a two foot carbon rod to stir and skim slag.
Great little furnace. This is my first time doing anything like this but it was very easy to set up and start using. Heats up fast and I’ve done five pours so far on my first tank of propane. I hope to get more. Had to contact customer service about a small issue, but they were on top of it and have already resolved my problem. The only issue is that I like this one so much that I’m going to want a bigger one before too long. I’ll definitely be using these guys again.
david holm david holm
Good starter furnace!
This was my first furnace, so keep that in mind as you read this review. I've been "learning as I go". I ordered this furnace to smelt gold from black sands, as the gold in my area is scarce, and what is available is mostly microscopic.The package was shipped very quickly, and arrived without any damage or other delivery issues. Everything unpacked quickly, and I was on to assembly.
Gostillers Gostillers
Awesome little furnace, fun and easy experience!!
This little furnace works great! Just got to test it out today. Heats up fast. Easy to setup. Has everything you except for propane and ppe. The video for setup was nice to have. Watched it twice, then setup furnace. Had setup in couple of minutes. Handling the furnace and crucible took a minute to find a good way to use tongs but now that I learned a good way it’s pretty easy. Crucible stuck to fire brick once, not sure if that was just from being new but it did eventually fall off. Started with some cans then threw in some piece of aluminum valves. They melted down in couple of minutes. I will have to work on pouring the liquid metal without the slag falling out of the crucible too. I just used some cheap muffin tins as molds. It worked but wasn’t easy getting them out. Will have to find a real mold. But for the test runs the tins did work. All in all worked better than I expected. I’m looking forward to more work with the furnace and hopefully doing some copper and brass too.
Ken K Ken K
Great starter furnace at an excellent value!
Overall this is a great starter furnace at an excellent value for the money. Highly recommended for those who wish to do casting of nonferrous metals as a hobby or on an occasional basis.
Eric Gonzalez Eric Gonzalez
Great beginner furnace...
All in all, I would recommend this to anyone who is considering getting into melting metals that need higher temperatures. Though I have not tried to melt copper yet.

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