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Abraham Zuniga Abraham Zuniga
Works good
It works really good
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
love it just make sure you take your time slow ...
This item is a work in progress. with saying that it is of quality. love it just make sure you take your time slow and easy and everything will come out beautiful.
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
Does the job
I use this for adding adhesive masking paper to my wood to cut In my laser. It does work great. My only complaint is that you have to untighten the knobs, lift the roll, insert wood, retighten, then roll through. I wish I could just set it at a certain height and use it continuously without having to retighten it all the time or lift up the roll.
Donny Donny
Tounament Wear
We just got this laminator to pair with our Roland BN-20A 20" digital printer. Could not be happier with the way it works. Quality is there with the larger automatic laminators I have used and for a manual laminator it so easy to use!
bryna ritchie bryna ritchie
I wish I bought it sooner
My laminator broke so I got this to hand laminate and it is all I need from this point foward. I peel a one inch strip of paper off the laminate, put it on the print, roll it in until it grabs, peel the rest over the top of the roller where the print rolls through and it rolls perfectly. Best bang for your buck.I read a few sketchy reviews but I have no issues and love it. I don’t even need my electric laminatorI have the 29.5 inch
Paul E Reed Paul E Reed
Know how to use it beforehand
I mount photos on self adhesive Gator Board and this works great for that purpose. When I did it by hand I would get air pockets and wrinkles but with this device that no longer happens. Make sure all the parts are working, I had a screw missing on one of the foldout tables but it did not effect the function of the Laminator . There are no instructions that come with the device about cleaning the rollers so I suggest looking online for this. Overall for me the purchase was worth it!
leica lens liker leica lens liker
Very good product- purely mechanical- well made and works perfectly
when you need one- you need one. Very good product- purely mechanical- well made and works perfectly. This is the second one I have bought and both are just great.
Celia Nicole Celia Nicole
Extremely happy.
I have been debating for over a year now to get one of these, I am so happy I did. It has made my job so much easier, I am extremely happy with my purchase.
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Great machine
This is a nice machine. Shipped fast. Was packaged well. I will be buying the larger one next.
Clint G. Clint G.
Five Stars
Great product !!!!

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