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Alan Luongo Alan Luongo
product evaluation
I came to comment after riding for a few days. The product quality is good and it is worth recommending.
RuizValles Michelle RuizValles Michelle
Delivery speed
The delivery speed is very fast. I originally wanted to change the color, but I saw that it had been shipped. After receiving it, I was worried that the color did not meet my expectations. The result was unexpectedly good-looking, an unexpected surprise, and I strongly recommend it.
Farar Jordan Farar Jordan
Overall product
The price is beautiful, the quality is high, the service is considerate, and it is a very comfortable shopping experience.
Antonio Lehner Antonio Lehner
Product feedback
Easy to install and drive, easy to learn, safe and reliable. It is very stable to ride.
Sydney Hoyles Sydney Hoyles
Not bad
The only Problem was the manual was not very clear, if not machinal inclined you would have Problems putting it to gather. The bike is as described and I like it very much, it is value the money.
Ivy Nicholls Ivy Nicholls
Quality is reasonable for the price
They gave me a discount for that.Very responsive.The manual is not the greatest, I had even some parts left over. But it is quiet easy to install, you just need to be a little bit handy. In a word, not bad!
Cary Loxley Cary Loxley
Seat placement not bad
Great instructions for the assembly of the bike. I can use it easily.
Cyril Ball Cyril Ball
Great value for the price.
We figured for the price we might be more disappointed but the answer is NO!!! My sister is autistic and has an older one from my in-laws and having 2 trikes with the baskets makes for the best family ridesfor small shopping trips.
Tristram Noble Tristram Noble
Adult one speed tricycle
Perfect for the lazy days Easy to push nice and slow going on those days I did put a giant colored fish sock and attached it to the flag for the attention to those r not so awake drivers
Helen Shaw Helen Shaw
 Great value
Great bike for every age

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