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Carol Carol
Left 63 inch
Super quality unit
Excellent quality. Perfect delivery. Highly recommend this unit. Spoke with the seller and they were phenomenal.
Caroline Caroline
Left 63 inch
Great buy
Really like this tub. It's quality is great, heavy duty, and not too hard to assemble!
Carry Carry
Left 63 inch
Five Stars
Love this and so do my dogs! Totally worth it and will pay for itself in one year
Carrie Carrie
Left 63 inch
Very easy to assemble and great quality very sturdy. Fast shipping
Shannon Teis Shannon Teis
Right 62 inch
VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!! Look elsewhere, fellow groomers!
I purchased this tub at the end of August for my grooming business. First and foremost, the tub came damaged and with missing pieces. We had to purchased the hoses as it did not come with the tub. Upon unboxing amd assembly, we noticed that the tub was scratched so deep that it went through the film it was covered in. My husband is a welder and noticed how horribly welded it is. It has "arc" marks from careless welding, tacks instead of full welds, just a poor and lazy job. I contacted customer support after the tub was fully assembled through email and Vevor didn't even have the common courtesy to respond. About a week in, this thing is starting to RUST. Stainless steel isn't supposed to rust. So I am now over a month in and the whole faucet started leaking. A slow leak turned into a huge leak. Now I am replacing the faucet the night before a full schedule of dogs. Replacement faucets are nor easily found as it is wall mounted. I am just so upset that I spent the amount of money I did for a product that came damaged, is rusting, and is continually giving me issues with absolutely NO HELP from Vevor! Groomers.... spend a little more money and get a nice tub from a better company!!!
Customer Service Reply: Dear customer,
Thank you for sharing this feedback with us.

We are very sorry to hear that you weren’t happy with your product.
We can see that you are already in contact with our Support Team, and we hope we’ll be able to find a satisfactory solution for you.

Have a great day,
Chris McFarling Chris McFarling
Right 50 inch
Very nice
Easy to assemble, great quality. No regrets about the purchase.
Beth Murrow Beth Murrow
Right 34 inch
Just what I needed
This is a great addition to my house. It's good and sturdy for my 48lb dog. She stands a little tall in it but with the long hose on the sprayer it works out perfect. The sprayer broke the first time I used it but it was too strong of a spray anyways. I put one on that is more of a shower. It was a bit short, I got this so I wouldn't have to bend over using the bathtubs, but I fixed that problem. Installing it in the existing cabinet works out perfect.The plumbing it came with was not a good connection so I changed it out with others.All in all, I think it's a great purchase. It Could have been a little less expensive but I think it's worth the money since I save myself money not taking them to the groomers.
connor connor
Right 63 inch
Excellent quality and easy installation
The pet grooming tub came on-time and even included the alan wrench and nut driver for assembly. Set up was complete in good time and the tub is washing pets.
danielle danielle
Right 63 inch
Great Product!
Purchased a stainless steel tub for a pet-grooming business. Would make the same purchase again. Speedy delivery. Package came in a wood crate.
egbert egbert
Right 63 inch
Great product
Great product, it did have a leak in the faucet after a few weeks and a new one was sent right out, I would buy again..

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