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Mike Carpenter Mike Carpenter
8 kW
12V Air Diesel Heater PLANAR 8KW 8000W Fit Motor-homes Boats Bus Car Truck
Elizabeth Beck Elizabeth Beck
5KW 12V
Works better than previous models. Highly recommend exterior aluminum box model.
Trudy Hendricks Trudy Hendricks
Wonderful powerful little unit
Love it-Easy to use
Jack Harper Jack Harper
Works great!
I have purchased several of these and never any problems. Excellent price too.
Valentino Isfan Valentino Isfan
Very good unit
Allan Schneider Allan Schneider
Runs. Ok so far
I received the heater put it together but the fuel line you sent with it is to small will not go on the filter at all .
Tim Parr Tim Parr
Put it in a piece of equipment it keeps the operator cab at a set temperature it works great
Terry La Grone Terry La Grone
Nice unit for Alaska winter
Set this unit up in small remote cabin. Works well at sub zero temperatures. The little red remote did not work at very cold temperatures. The heater worked fine and the remote started working after the cabin warmed up. Purchased longer hoses, a B-Vent and high temperature insulation to adapt unit to cabin.
T. Harper T. Harper
Works well - terrible instructions, mediocre remote
Big thanks to another reviewer who pointed out you have to hold the up and down arrows to prime the pump. The instructions were mostly incomprehensible. Watch a few youtube videos before installing.Tips: Use a 5 gallon yellow diesel can instead of the included tank that you have to drill and may or may not leak. You can buy sheets of fuel safe gasket material to insert in the gas can screw on ring (take out the nozzle), poke a hole in it, and send the fuel line to the bottom of the can.Wrap the exhaust in fiberglass heat shielding or similar if you're running it close to anything.It's not loud even without the included "muffler". The fuel pump does produce a clicking/tapping sound so keep that in mind when mounting.Don't get the four vent model expecting it to come with enough ducting. You'll have to jury-rig something. Some dryer vent hose is high temperature enough.The unit will burn through a 5 gallon can of diesel within 48 hours if left running. Hard to know how it compares for cost efficiency versus a propane heater.If you're tying this into another 12v circuit on a camper, it can make lights flicker every time the fuel pump fires (maybe every half to 3/4 of a second). While the amp draw isn't crazy, maybe 6 to 8a, the instantaneous on/off is noticeable when there are lights on the same circuit.Overall I'm pleased with this heater. Just make sure to watch some videos and be prepare to improvise.
Louis Jerome Louis Jerome
Good heater
I used all winter (northeast USA) heated great . Never figured out the remote . Doesn't turn off at desired temperature so your constantly turning it on n off every few hours. But for the price I'd definitely buy it again

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