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Anthony James MIranda Anthony James MIranda
No Aqua Blue
It’s better than my hand and knife
It works great just the blade get used up quick I recommend buying a replacement blade as well as when ordering
Mark Mark
No Aqua Blue
Best value
Fantastic wire stripper. It comes with a US 110v plug and strips like a bastard. Fast and easy. Def worth the price.
Kaitlyn Kaitlyn
No Blue
Does the job right
Works well for stripping wire, can be a little difficult to get the wire in there right but once you figure out how to get it just right it works great
Curt S Curt S
No Aqua Blue
Excellent Deal
Arrived perfect in a wooden crate that fedup didn't destroy. Aside from a few minor adjustments it really is a great stripper esp considering the price. Great machine for a newb to learn the tricks of fine adjustment. Yes the machine requires some time to learn the wire sizes and types and the get it cutting perfect. Once dialed in I only have to make roller tension adjustments of no more then a half turn either way. If your new, remember to be safe and keep clear of the manual crank handle. It will bite.
Kayla Roberts Kayla Roberts
My husband absolutely love this machine. Fast and easy to use. Convenient. Saves alot of time. Great purchase..
Tony Newton Tony Newton
No Aqua Blue
$$$$$ maker
Really like it, had to adjust when bumbing around on different gauge wire. Overall great deal.
Karen Purcell Karen Purcell
No Blue
Works really well
I purchased one of these before this buying another. The first one came damaged and it was obvious it was dropped before it was crated. I had a struggle getting the company to allow me to return it, but they finally shipped a new one and I didn't have to send the old one back. The stripper works great and the price beats the heck out of other models out there.
Connor Connor
Definitely worth the money! I used a drill to attach to the crank to make it go quickly and it works amazing.
Aretha Aretha
No Aqua Blue
Gets the job done
This machine does the job. I gave the ease of use a three star because the blade adjuster for the size of the wire to be stripped is manual. Sometimes I have to feed the wire several times before getting it right. But it’s great considering the price. Just need a little patience. Not sure if there is one out there with an automatic adjuster knob, but that would be perfect! Again, this one does get the job done and I am pleased with it. The picture shows the difference size wires that I have stripped.
Nicklebaggz420 Nicklebaggz420
Came as advertised and fast. Takes some familiarizing to get the hang of it but works great. Don't get all gung ho before you know how to use it. It only comes with one blade and of your running solid core wires you can dull the blade if it's set to run too tightly. Overall very satisfied

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