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i havent played this game since 2008 i havent played this game since 2008
Honey Extractor is perfect for our small hobby farm
Honey Extractor is perfect for our small hobby farm
Jim M. Jim M.
Time saver on a budget!
Easy to assemble. Shipped quickly. Great value for the price. Worked great but needed to be anchored to something to keep it balanced.
Nice little machine
I went with the electric spinner and I am so glad I did. I put a couple frames in and walk away for 10-20 minutes, come back and flip the frames around and repeat. Frames are empty and the Honey is gathered at the bottom. Works great
John Bartocci John Bartocci
Does it
I wish they all could be cleaned easier but my understanding all of them are difficult to clean. It did it
Kevin Millet, Jr Kevin Millet, Jr
Works great!
Went together in just a few minutes. Works great! Easy to clean with dish soap and a hose.
Tawnae Tawnae
4 frame eletric spinner
The spinner came in. Was stupid easy to put together don
SirVive SirVive
Dandy machine! We are novice beekeepers with only 2 colonies so the size is great for us. Even if we had 4 hives it will work bc I'm not that much in a hurry. My boyfriend ended up screaming it down to an 8 ft piece of pressed wood so it wouldn't walk all over the floor. but that ended up working honour advantage bc it really made the machine sturdy plus any mess went on the plyboard and not the basement floor. It will need to be secured for sure but holes in the feet are predrilled!
Nat C. Nat C.
Works well, definitely recommend!
Assembly is easy. I decided to cut the upper half off the legs and drilled new holes in the lower half so I could screw the spinner onto my heavy bench, which kept it totally stable and drained easily into 5-gal buckets. I spun it empty before screwing it down, and the internal basket assembly is well balanced so there was no wobble at all. Be careful to locate equal-weight frames opposite each other. The control is smooth, the motor silent, and balanced loads did not vibrate in the least. I do not know what somebody meant by microswitches in the access doors, there are magnets but no switches. Ran it at half speed for the first side, then reversed the frames and ran full speed on the second, then reversed again and full speed on the first side to remove all the honey. Total about 10-12 minutes to empty 4 frames at 85 degrees. This spinner is built well enough, though at one point when tipping it to drain completely, the thin gauge stainless barrel one side "popped in" and needed to be "popped out." This will happen once and you will learn how to handle it, so not a problem. Did a great job, very glad I did not get a hand crank.
Trever Landess Trever Landess
It works well
We are relatively novice bee keepers (two years). This extractor worked exactly as it was supposed to with minimal effort on our part. As you would expect, since this is basically a pretty good size centrifuge, it must be bolted down or it will "walk" and become very unsteady. Initially, we mounted it on a single board about three feet square. That did not work. We then mounted it to 2x6s about five feet long in a V shape and stood on the ends of the boards. This worked perfectly. It took about 10 minutes to extract the honey from the two frames after the cells were opened.
PSchut PSchut
2 Frame 15 inch
Easy assembly- Plan to build a base for this
Works exactly as described. Because this is a centrifuge, it needs a stable base to mitigate vibration. We built a mobile base using 2x4s and 1/2" plywood. The machine attaches to the base with nuts and bolts. We use 5 gallon buckets of water as the weights for our base while extracting, and it worked flawlessly! The extractor did exactly what was intended, and we are pleased. As others mentioned, the drum isn't perfectly round, but this hasn't affected the operation of the machine for us.We ran each side of the (med sized) honey frames for about 3-4 minutes at ~75% power, and 2-3 minutes at ~85% - 100%.

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