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Ryan Dunn Ryan Dunn
Easy to assemble, easy to use
I built a base out of 2x4’s to expand the surface area. It helps when the frames aren’t all the same weight. I used to do gravity extraction, that would take a week or more to clear the frames, this speeds up the time to a couple hours.
Mazin Dajani Mazin Dajani
Works better than anticipated
In no time the honey was flowing, even at full speed there was hardly a bit of vibration, and we extracted roughly 35% more honey, than the previous extractor. Anticipated 9 gallons got 13 and a half.
Jls Jls
4 Frame 18.5 inch
Very helpful.
Made extraction sooo much easier
Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
2 Frame 15 inch
This met every expectation and my honey production time dropped by days...! Days. 100% recommend
Dorothy Worley Dorothy Worley
Excellent extractor
This extractor is perfect for the price! I only have 2 hives and it made the job SO much easier and faster than borrowing my friends manual 2 frame extractor.It definitely needs to be mounted to a piece of plywood or secured to the floor. Works flawlessly and is very quiet. I’m really happy with it!
Mary McHugh Mary McHugh
4 Frame 18.5 inch
It came with a broken lid and rusty bolts
I wish the company had included a set of instructions and way to contact them . It was fairly easy to assemble but no idea how to clean it after honey extraction. I’m wondering why the bolts securing the motor are rusty.I guess for the money it’s ok but I would like a replacement for the broken lid ( which did not have hinges as shown in their video).It did make the extraction easier because I was able to uncap frames while others were spinning.
Loni DeStefano Loni DeStefano
2 Frame 15 inch
Extracted well
This extractor came very well packaged. The foam it was encased in and the box was a little beat up, but it did it’s job and protected the goods.As with many extractors, I was worried about it shaking. I mounted it on a dolly with casters and a 2x2’ piece of board. It hardly moved from its spot. I wish the legs were just a little taller so that a 5 gallon bucket could fit underneath, but that would probably contribute to more shake. I extracted 4 frames on my first use and got 12lbs of honey, very efficient.Easy to clean. I used Dawn soap and hot water and let it drain. The bees helped to clean any spills I couldn’t get to.It’s the perfect tool for a hobby beekeeper!
ncrph ncrph
nice to finally have an electric extractor
I have just finished my first season with this electric extractor. I'm selling the hand cranker immediately! this gives you the freedom to walk away and return to either speed up the motor or turn the frames. yes, I took longer, but I worked it around laundry, dishwashing, etc and saved my shoulder. I screwed the legs down to a couple of thicknesses of plywood covered with a new tarp and arranged the setup in one corner so that I didn't have to step onto the tarp to reach the extractor controls. no tracking stickiness throughout the garage and house. the legs are long enough for a 5 gallon bucket to set under the spout. cleanup amounted to unscrewing the legs, tipping the extractor to the side to get the last of the honey and opening the garage doors to let the bees clean up all the stickiness.
Donna Rhew Donna Rhew
great machine but
as some of the other reviewers wrote, be sure to keep the ball bearing. as i unpacked the machine the first thing i did was to lose it damn thing. i needed to use it right away. then i ordered a random bag of ball bearings. this coming flow i will be all set. a few sharp edges but all in all a great machine
Kathy Owens Kathy Owens
Good value
Was on sale and was a great price. Arrived later than was told but was undamaged. Easy to assemble without instructions. Used it next day and it worked perfectly. Hard to get my arm down to the bottom of the tank to tighten drain and clean. Nothing comes apart for cleaning.

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